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Common Tennis Strokes


In tennis, players use a variety of strokes to control the ball and strategically outmaneuver their opponents. Here are some common tennis strokes:

  1. Forehand:
    • The forehand is a fundamental stroke where the player hits the ball with the palm of the hand facing the direction of the stroke. It is typically the more dominant and powerful groundstroke for players who are right-handed.
  2. Backhand:
    • The backhand is a stroke played on the opposite side of the player's body from their dominant hand. It can be a one-handed or two-handed shot, and players often use both variations depending on their playing style.
    • One-Handed Backhand:
      • A one-handed backhand is executed with the dominant hand holding the racket, and the non-dominant hand supporting the grip. Players with a one-handed backhand often have a more fluid and graceful motion.
    • Two-Handed Backhand:
      • A two-handed backhand involves both hands on the racket grip, providing additional stability and power. Many players, particularly those starting at a young age, prefer the two-handed backhand for its strength and control.
  3. Volley:
    • A volley is a shot that is hit before the ball bounces on the player's side of the court. It is usually executed near the net and requires quick reflexes. Players may use forehand or backhand volleys depending on the ball's position.
  4. Serve:
    • The serve is the shot used to start each point. It involves hitting the ball diagonally across the net into the opponent's service box. A powerful and accurate serve can set the tone for the point.
  5. Overhead Smash:
    • The overhead smash, or simply smash, is an aggressive shot executed when the ball is above the player's head. It is typically used to put away a high, floating ball and involves a forceful overhead swing.
  6. Slice:
    • A slice is a shot with backspin, achieved by hitting the bottom of the ball. It is often used defensively to keep the ball low and can be executed with both the forehand and backhand.
  7. Drop Shot:
    • The drop shot is a soft shot intended to land just over the net and bounce low, making it difficult for the opponent to reach. It is often used to catch opponents off guard.
  8. Lob:
    • A lob is a high, arching shot intended to clear the opponent and land deep in the court. It is used strategically to change the pace of the game.
  9. Half-Volley:
    • A half-volley is a shot where the player hits the ball immediately after it bounces on their side of the court. It requires precise timing and is often used defensively.

Players use a combination of these strokes, adapting their strategy based on the opponent's playing style, court surface, and specific match situations. Mastering these fundamental tennis strokes is essential for a well-rounded and effective game. 

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