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Perfect Lob


A lob in tennis is a shot where the ball is hit high and deep, typically over the opponent at the net, with the intention of landing it close to the baseline. It's a strategic shot used to change the direction of play, create distance, and put pressure on the opponent. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to hit a perfect lob in tennis:

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Prepare Early: Anticipate the need for a lob early, ideally when your opponent is approaching the net or in a vulnerable position. This gives you more time to set up for the shot.

Grip: Use an Eastern or Semi-Western grip for the lob. This grip allows you to generate the necessary topspin and control for an effective lob.

Foot Positioning: Position yourself with your non-dominant shoulder facing the net. This stance allows you to open up your body and swing freely.

Backswing: Take a controlled backswing by bringing your racket back early and low. The backswing should be smooth and controlled, preparing your racket for the upward swing.

Contact Point: Aim to make contact with the ball slightly below its center. This helps you impart topspin on the ball, which is crucial for the lob to clear the net and drop inside the baseline.

Topspin: Add topspin to your shot by brushing the back of the ball with a slightly closed racket face. This spin helps the ball lift over the net and then dip back down inside the court.

Follow-Through: Follow through with your shot, allowing your racket to finish high and over your shoulder. A smooth and controlled follow-through contributes to the accuracy and spin of the lob.

Direction: Aim your lob toward the back of the court. Focus on hitting the ball high and deep, making it challenging for your opponent to reach and control the return.

Use Variation: Incorporate variation into your lobs. You can hit a defensive lob when under pressure, sending the ball higher, or an offensive lob when you want to surprise your opponent by hitting it deeper and with less height.

Practice Regularly: Like any tennis shot, practice is crucial for mastering the lob. Spend time on the court practicing different lobs, varying the height and depth, to develop a feel for the shot.

Read Your Opponent: Pay attention to your opponent's positioning and movement. If they are at the net, a well-executed lob can catch them off guard and create an opportunity for you.

Stay Relaxed: Keep your grip and muscles relaxed during the stroke. Tension in your arms can hinder the smooth execution of the lob.

Remember that the perfect lob requires a combination of technique, timing, and awareness of the game situation. It's essential to practice lobs regularly to build consistency and confidence in your ability to use this strategic shot effectively during matches. 

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