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18 Best Tennis Shoes for Men 2020 Review

Ready to take on the world of tennis by storm? In order to start or continue your training like a pro, you need proper gear–especially the footwear. You can’t expect to learn fast if you’re wearing the wrong type of shoes. Look no further for we’re here to introduce some of the best tennis shoes for men.

Just to give you an initial idea of what makes a pair of shoes suitable for tennis, the structure must be flatter so you won’t lose balance on any court. It shouldn’t be too soft and thick to remain sturdy.

Best Tennis Shoes for Men Review

Now that we’ve established that tennis shoes should be flat and sturdy with a bit of cushioning for comfort, we’re finally revealing some quality examples you can buy instantly.

Adidas Performance Men’s Barricade Court 2

Purely made of synthetic materials, especially its soles, the Adidas Performance Barricade Court 2 is lighter, more durable, and better at resisting moisture than most shoes with a natural composition. It can keep your feet dry no matter how much you move and how long you stay on the court. It’s also low-maintenance for it dries easily when you can clean it.

When it comes to comfort, the upper contains mesh to facilitate airflow. Ventilation is important to prevent overheating inside the shoes.

More about comfort inside these tennis shoes, the interior uses a special material exclusive to the brand. Adituff technology makes sure that your feet won’t be exposed to scratches. It’s designed to wrap your toes and the middle part of your forefoot for maximum protection when you play.

Any shoe needs protection as well to last longer. To boost durability, this product contains TPU or thermoplastic polyurethane foil for sections that are susceptible to constant friction. As a plus, it can also help you improve your performance by making your movements more stable through enhanced support.


Lightweight and durable Moisture-resistant Less maintenance No overheating Protection from friction or scratches


Not enough lateral support for some players Softer than other tennis shoes May wear out faster than others Possible presence of holes after a few months of heavy use Runs small

ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 5

Another 100% synthetic option, the ASICS Gel-Dedicate 5 highlights its rubber soles. The rubber material of the outsoles has a solid feel to strengthen grip and improve durability.

While the first option uses Adituff technology to protect your forefoot, this one features gel cushioning. It aims to absorb impact to prevent foot pain or strain.

Meanwhile, to effectively combine lightness and durability, these tennis shoes use the brand’s special technology called the Trusstic System. It makes the soles lighter and, at the same time, maintains the original structure of the entire shoe.

In terms of fit, once you get the perfect size for your feet, these shoes will conform to your heels. Your feet are less likely to slip while wearing them even with the spacious toe box design. And, the best part? The break-in process is quite fast.

Since comfort is the priority of this product, it’s perfect for recreational players. If you just want to play tennis for fun or as an addition to your dynamic fitness program, we highly recommend these particular shoes. You’ll be able to move freely because of their flexibility and reliable construction.


Stronger grip on tennis courts Shock absorption Won’t gradually change form Perfect fit especially for your heels Enough space in the toe box


Worn-out soles in just a few years Too narrow for some feet Blisters Overly elevated heel sections Insufficient amount of gel cushioning for some people

Babolat Men’s Propulse Fury All Court

Designed to be faster and more durable than the brand’s previous models, the Babolat Propulse Fury All Court is meant for pros. It prioritizes both support and comfort with its higher collar and stronger construction.

More importantly, to really ensure better support and a more comfortable interior, these tennis shoes feature the brand’s world-famous PowerBelt strap. The special strap’s goal is to keep you stable by enhancing support for your foot arch and heel. Together with the foolproof lacing system, it will stop your feet from sliding.

Aside from the PowerBelt strap, these shoes also have a unique feature simply called the“in-sock”. It will wrap your foot for extra security.

To absorb shock, this product includes Kompressor heels and Ortholite insoles to strategically place cushioning around your feet, especially the bottom part. It won’t matter if you run or jump a lot; the likelihood of you hurting your feet is very low.

Lastly, these tennis shoes don’t use ordinary rubber soles. They use Michelin-Babolat rubber, a high-quality type of rubber designed by both companies for excellent grip and strength.


Ideal for professional use Combines support and comfort Secure fit Impressive grip Won’t cause blisters


May wear out in less than a year (can be solved through a warranty)

New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Lav V1 Hard Court Alternative Closure Tennis Shoe

Combining a fabric material with synthetic components, the New Balance Hard Court Tennis Shoe is breathable with its mesh layer without compromising durability.

As expected from a quality tennis shoe, this product is comfortable because of its secure fit. That’s mostly thanks to its REVlite midsole.

What makes these tennis shoes stand out from the rest, though, is their wide variety of colors. Not only that, but most of the colors are not the usual ones you see in shoe stores.

You can wear these stylish shoes casually because of these mesmerizing color combinations: black and “iodine violet”, “dark mango” and cyclone, “marble head” and black, neon emerald and white, vintage indigo and “reflection”, white and navy, white and gold, scarlet and white, pigment and UV blue, ginger pink and “lemon slush”, and–of course–the classic black and white.

These tennis shoes can be your go-to footwear whether you’re playing the sport or not. You don’t have to buy multiple pairs of shoes anymore for playing tennis, casual use, and the gym.


Sufficient airflow for comfort Extensive color selection Fun, unusual colors Can also be worn with casual outfits Versatile look


Too tight for wide feet Overly stiff upper Tricky to slip your foot in Causes blisters Scrapes skin

NIKE Men’s Court Lite Tennis Shoes

Comfort and durability are guaranteed with the NIKE Court Lite Tennis Shoes because of their upper made of different kinds of materials. Another huge factor for comfort is the mesh tongue which ensures sufficient airflow around your feet. You can definitely adjust the fit on your insteps by arranging and knotting the laces however you like.

The comfortable Phylon midsole which covers the entire length of the shoe will also make a difference in your performance. It’s lightweight so you can move freely and cushioned to prevent hurting your feet when you move forcefully.

Abrasion doesn’t only happen on the insteps and heels of your feet. Your toes are also susceptible to scratches. Fortunately, these tennis shoes each have a thicker material surrounding your toes to stop rough surfaces from scraping your skin.

Since a stronger grip is crucial for you to avoid accidents, the GDR outsole has strong traction. It can also last longer despite heavy use.

More about durability, the upper and soles can’t be easily dented. They’ll look like brand-new for a very long time even if you use them every single day.


Enough ventilation for your feet Feels lightweight and soft when worn Additional toe protection Powerful traction No dents despite impact


Outdated look Tighter feel around your toes Runs small Overly hard sole Bulky

ASICS Men’s Gel-Game 6

The main fabric used by the ASICS Gel-Game 6 is synthetic for durability. However, comfort is also a given, thanks to the large coverage of the mesh material and the well-designed lining.

These tennis shoes don’t hold back in terms of cushioning so you can handle hard courts. Their collars and tongues are really padded. Their footbeds, aside from being molded to perfection, also contain a generous amount of foam.

Now, let’s highlight the most important feature of this product. It uses GEL technology for the forefoot to dampen the force of impact when you do various movements in a short amount of time.

Don’t worry about the possibility of added weight considering how sturdy these shoes are. They’re extremely solid yet lightweight because of the Trusstic System.

For a more secure fit, the closure is designed with laces. You can never go wrong with traditional lacing systems as long as you fasten everything correctly. People stick to the classics for a reason.


Softer feel for the soles of your feet Tight yet comfortable because of extra cushioning Conforms to the specific shape of your foot Minimizes shocks Sturdy but lightweight


Possibility of holes in the lining Too narrow for certain foot sizes Longer break-in period for some people Not flexible enough Unnecessarily tighter fit in the toe box

Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer

The upper of the Nike Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer is made of leather, but the level of support is sturdier because of the top layer and the circulation of air is much better because of the strategic placement of small holes.

There are two kinds of cushioning for this shoe: the foam from the Phylon midsole and the Air-Sole cushions. They work well with the strength of the outsoles for you can move however you want without hurting your feet from all the running and jumping.

The outsoles are also more than just giving additional traction. They’re also effective for a wide range of surfaces, hence their versatility for different types of tennis courts.

While other sections are focusing on extra foam, the tongue remains lightweight for it’s mostly mesh. It doesn’t only improve ventilation, but it can also make things easier when you wear or remove the shoe since it’s pretty light. Even better, there’s a tab on the back you can quickly pull up or down while you’re putting on or taking off the shoe.


Better support and ventilation Different types of cushioning for different sections Reduces impact Versatile for almost any tennis court Convenient to wear


Makes too much noise Weak adhesive Not ideal for wide feet Loose outsole Wrong placement of the insole

ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 7

With the unique Flexion Fit design of its upper, the ASICS Gel-Resolution 7 feels very comfortable despite its tighter form. That’s because the technology used enhances support while staying flexible for your intense moves on the court. You’ll have the freedom to move swiftly and run like crazy to successfully chase the ball.

The GEL cushioning of these tennis shoes isn’t just concentrated on the forefoot. Its coverage also includes the rearfoot. That means total protection for your entire foot against impact. No wonder you can move without inhibition with these shoes.

Since the toe box is susceptible to shock especially when you desperately reach for the ball, this product comes with PGuard protectors. The area covering your toes will remain intact in spite of constant friction or impact.

Let’s not forget about the outstanding outsoles of these tennis shoes. They’re made of an unusual material exclusive to the brand. The AHAR material is specifically created for hard courts since it’s resistant to premature damage, especially the kind caused by abrasion. Traction is already a given.

What’s so special about AHAR, anyway? It’s technically rubber similar to the one commonly used for tires. It’s two times more durable than ordinary rubber for outsoles.


Snug yet comfortable fit Highly responsive Complete protection for your feet Better protection for your toes Extremely durable against abrasion


Painfully tight toe box Tongue placed too high Too narrow for some people Has something protruding near the toes which may rub your skin

Adidas Men’s Gamecourt

Composed of both fabric and synthetic materials, the Adidas Gamecourt ensures enough airflow for comfort. One factor is the mesh upper. The highlight, though, is its midsole containing Cloudfoam technology.

Cloudfoam isn’t just soft; it will also flawlessly conform to your foot. So, the fit is more likely to be comfortable even if it’s tighter than what you’re expecting. These shoes are also less likely to run small.

Contributing to the secure fit of this product is its lacing system. Its closure uses standard laces just like what most high-quality athletic shoes have.

Aside from the lace closure, the TPU reinforcements of the upper also enhance support. The material is like a combination of plastic and rubber, hence its flexible yet durable structure as well as resistance to abrasion. It will remain smooth for a long time since it’s resistant to scratches.

As expected from the brand, this product includes Adituff and Adiwear technologies for an abrasion-resistant toe box and long-lasting outsole. Those features can’t be found on just any shoe.


Prioritizes ventilation Soft cushioning Snug fit Effective support Can resist abrasion


Too hard around the outsole Slightly difficult to wear Tongue sewn too high Limited opening May eventually have a hole near the toe box

ASICS Women’s GEL-Court Bella Tennis Shoe

If you need something much smaller and narrower, you might like the ASICS GEL-Court Bella Tennis Shoe. It’s another shoe with a Trusstic system for a more lightweight sole and a more reliable structure.

Unlike most tennis shoes, this product has a beneficial sock liner. Its Ortholite insole is carefully molded to conform to any type of foot arch. It also has a meticulously designed system to deal with moisture and keep your feet dry. Don’t be surprised if it literally feels cool while wearing these shoes.

Adding to the effects of the Ortholite insole is the GEL system for forefoot cushioning. The arch of your foot will remain steady in one place while being protected against shock.

These tennis shoes also have PGuard protectors for their toe box. You’ll feel more confident bending your feet and running super-fast for the ball.

As for the fit, the whole feature for this is simply called P.H.F. or personal heel fit. It includes two memory foam layers from the collar up to the heel. Memory foam is widely known for its excellent body-conforming characteristics, thus its wide range of applications related to personalized comfort.


For smaller foot sizes Foolproof, lightweight structure Customized fit Will conform to your foot arch Cooler feeling


Confusing size options for the shoe either run large or small Yellowish sections when they’re supposed to be white Loose tongue Short laces Longer break-in phase for people not used to the shape

Adidas Men’s Barricade 2018 Tennis Shoe

The smooth upper of the Adidas Barricade 2018 Tennis Shoe using FORGEDMESH technology has both sturdy and flexible areas to focus on either support or flexibility in every crucial section. Some areas can stretch while others tighten the hold on your foot for security.

While other products are tricky to wear due to design mistakes on their tongue, this one has a soft, stretchable version. That’s why it’s easy to slip your foot in and out of this shoe.

Looking deeper into this product, its forefoot contains Adiprene+. That feature aims to help you retain speed and force as you play. It’s either placed under the toe box or all over the front section. Its placement will make it possible for you to take solid steps forward to help you maintain balance while chasing the ball.

For extra protection, Adiprene+ comes with the scratch-resistant Adituff. Adituff is also located on the sections covering your toes and forefoot.


Combines stretchable fabric and sturdy support reinforcements for a better balance between comfort and secure fit Easy to wear Allows retention of power and speed Helps you move in a more certain manner, especially when you step forward Resistant to abrasion


Hard plastic section on the upper Sharp edges Lower height than the standard Too narrow for some players Too stiff

ASICS Men’s Gel-Challenger 11

Like the previous ASICS tennis shoes with GEL technology on this list, the Gel-Challenger 11 also has an upper using Flexion Fit, a PGuard protector for the toe, GEL cushioning for both the forefoot and the rearfoot, and P.H.F. lining. As expected, it’s comfortable with great support for your movements and a higher level of durability for longer use.

What’s unique about it, however, is its Solyte midsole. Solyte is a modern material lighter than ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) and an EVA derivation called SpEVA.

That means Solyte is lighter than the typical material used for racing or marathon footwear. It also has improved cushioning, specifically with 20% more protection against impact, and is very durable.

Other applications of Solyte resin include the automobile industry, especially for bumpers. Its superiority in terms of shock absorption is a no-brainer.

Since these tennis shoes are highly comfortable, they’re recommended for players who just want to enjoy the sport without any degree of pain. Recreational or casual players will surely have a blast with this product.


Promotes the consistent quality of the brand Lighter than some running shoes Added protection against shock Suitable for casual players Superior support especially for your ankles


Not exactly true to size Underwhelming finish of some units Protruding object in the toe section Distracting feel of stiff plastic sections May be too narrow for you

Nike Men’s Fitness Shoes

First, let’s learn more about the upper of the Nike Men’s Fitness Shoes. It uses one of the brand’s popular technologies called the Dynamic Fit. It contains light fabrics for a smoother feel.

A common issue with uppers is sharp edges, and the Dynamic Fit feature can prevent that. The upper also has a cushioned collar to avoid giving marks on the top half of your foot.

Meanwhile, the inside of the shoe is packed with features. The heel section has a Zoom unit while the midsole contains Phylon to provide padding that’s flexible and not too heavy. For support, the shank for your midfoot uses TPU.

Lastly, on the bottom half of the shoe, XDR rubber is used for the outsole. It includes a detailed pattern to give traction on hard courts. There’s more grip on the outer sections of the outsole to help you change directions safely.


Lightweight and smooth No sharp edges Zero marks near your ankles Flexible cushioning Intricate design for traction


Plastic material on the closure affecting convenience as you wear the shoe Lacing system may not be tight enough due to the plastic material Bump inside the toe box Doesn’t look clean Wrong form for some foot shapes

ASICS Men’s Gel-Challenger 12

The features of the ASICS Gel-Challenger 12 similar to other models of the brand are the Solyte midsole, GEL cushioning on the rearfoot, Trusstic system, and Ortholite insole. That’s why it’s lightweight, durable, effective at absorbing shocks, sturdy, moisture-resistant, and healthy for your foot.

Regarding the insole, it can actually be removed. So, there’s no need to worry whether the insoles of these tennis shoes are going to be good or bad for your feet. If your foot arch doesn’t match the free insole, you can just take it off and place the right one for you.

Other features include the internal support for your forefoot and heel, PGuard protector, and mesh upper. They focus on balance, durability, flexibility, and airflow.

In addition, these tennis shoes are mostly true to size. As a plus, they’re spacious enough for comfort without getting loose. The break-in stage with this product is short, perfect for people who can’t wait to play.


Product from a trustworthy brand Removable insoles Concealed support to prevent sharp edges Protective surfaces More balance


Ripped material Dull colors compared to the pictures Insufficient grip Lacks support for the ankles Overly narrow heel area

Nike Women’s Air Zoom Vapor X

The Nike Women’s Air Zoom Vapor X is the narrower, smaller version of the Nike Men’s Fitness Shoes. They can be unisex, which benefits men with a smaller foot size or narrower foot shape.

As expected, the upper has a modern design referred to as the Dynamic Fit. It’s made of lightweight fabrics to have smoother surfaces. It can prevent the possibility of objects painfully rubbing your feet for there are no sharp edges. The upper even includes a foam collar.

Expect more beneficial features inside the shoe. The Phylon cushioning is lightweight and flexible. For a more balanced design, support is added for the heel and midfoot.

Meanwhile, the rubber material for the outsoles has intricate details for more grip. The outer sections also have stronger traction for better maneuverability. You can quickly change directions without slipping.


Nice finish Lacks sharp edges More comfortable ankles Flexible and responsive Well-designed grip


Short laces Lace closure may not be secure enough Color options that are mostly white may look dirty May not be ideal for certain foot arches or shapes Some color options aren’t appealing to men

ASICS Men’s Court FF 2

Mostly made of synthetic materials with a generous amount of mesh, the ASICS Court FF 2 displays enhanced features of some of the most beloved models from the brand. For starters, its midsole uses FlyteFoam technology for better bounce-back and more efficient response, especially when you have to chase the ball on the other side.

That’s possible because of the organic fibers of FlyteFoam. It’s less soft, which is great for durability, and denser for support.

Inspired by the standard Trusstic system, these tennis shoes contain the newer design called Twistruss Technology. They will help you become more agile on the court because of their lightness and “internal twist.”

The upper also has an updated design. It’s covered with polyurethane (PU) for a tighter, more comfortable fit.

And, while most tennis shoes go for the conventional tongue design, this one has the Mono-Sock system. It specifically includes a sleeve inside that’s elastic enough to fit like an actual sock.


Improved features Enhanced bounce-back properties Very responsive Can help you move faster on the court from side to side Higher density


Runs large May suddenly slip off your feet no matter how tight the laces are Possibly painful for older players Too heavy for some people Tight toe box

K-Swiss Men’s Ultrashot 2

The upper material of the K-Swiss Ultrashot 2 is synthetic leather, which sounds uncomfortable for playing tennis, but its lining on the collar is made of softer fabric. To secure the upper’s fit, a lacing system is used.

Meanwhile, the insole and midsole are molded EVA. That kind of polymer is as flexible and soft as rubber. However, it has a more stylish look.

More importantly, EVA is naturally strong against cold temperatures, resistant to cracks, waterproof, and durable against the sun’s UV rays. So, these tennis shoes are more likely to stay durable, rain or shine.

For the outsoles, they’re obviously composed of rubber. Their grip is strong and reliable for various tennis courts.

Compared to some previous models of the brand, these tennis shoes use Surgelite for a more lightweight and comfortable structure. The tongue’s design is also changed for the better. This particular model is amazing for pros of all ages.


Comfortable for most tennis players despite the leather upper Secure fit Flexible and soft for your feet Tough against most weather conditions Strong grip


Not the right shape for some people Not comfortable enough for some players

ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 8

Can you still remember the Gel-Resolution 7 we’ve discussed earlier? Allow us to refresh your memory by comparing the ASICS Gel-Resolution 8 to the former.

For the similarities, both models use the Flexion Fit design for their uppers. Also, their GEL cushioning covers both the forefoot and the rearfoot.

Now, for the differences. The outsoles of these tennis shoes use AHAR Plus while the Gel-Resolution 7 simply has AHAR. AHAR Plus is clearly newer than AHAR, so it’s not surprising that it has a higher resistance to abrasion.

Additionally, unlike Gel-Resolution 7, this product highlights its Trusstic system and P.H.F. lining. Its structure is lightweight and strong while its lining contains memory foam for an excellent fit.


Padding for the entire foot Higher level of abrasion resistance than Gel-Resolution 7 Less weight, more strength Personalized fit Unbelievably fast break-in period


Runs small Less airflow due to the rubber covering of the toe box and lack of mesh material Overly tight closure because of the straps above the tongue Hotter feel with darker color options Too narrow and tight for some players

How to Choose Good Tennis Shoes for Men

The key to knowing which tennis shoes are right for you is by considering your skill level, your strategies and techniques, and the type of court you’re going to use most of the time. With these considerations in mind, here are the four major types of tennis shoes that can be your guide before buying a pair:


This is the lightest variation of tennis shoes to ensure speed. That’s mainly because of its simple, lightweight upper. Some companies consider shoes as the speed type if the unit weighs less than 15 ounces.


Speed shoes are closer to the ground because of their low profile. Their midsoles are also highly responsive, thanks to minimal padding, and their outsoles are versatile for a wide variety of surfaces.

Lightweight shoes are ideal for players who really join tournaments or competitive matches. They have more flex to effectively support your feet as you slide from one point to another and do more lateral movements. This is crucial for 70% of any player’s movements is lateral or side to side.


Unfortunately, speed tennis shoes aren’t very durable. There are tougher variations out there with more solid materials.

Lightweight fabrics are a must for shoes to ensure a more impressive performance, but they need to be combined with some stiff materials to last longer. If not, the upper is more likely to get ripped by intense movements. More support usually means more weight, but that’s important for durability.


This type of tennis shoes is recommended for players who run, slide and jump a lot in different directions. That sounds like a job for speed shoes, but the force of sprints, slides, and jumps needs heavier, stronger materials for durability and balance.


Stability shoes are much safer than speed shoes. The level of security they provide is so high that they can stop injuries from happening. Their hold around your feet is snug, which can boost your confidence as you move on the court.

The common features of stability shoes are support reinforcements on the upper, more padding in the midsole, and heavier outsoles.


It goes without saying that stability shoes are heavier. Yes, they can help you put more force on your steps for sliding and jumping without consequences, but they can be painful if you move too fast.

The pain usually happens after the game. You’d feel invincible on the court and the next thing you’d know, your legs already feel like giving up.

Hard Court

The grit of hard courts can easily destroy tennis shoes with poorly designed outsoles. Hard court shoes should have abrasion-resistant outsoles to last for a long time.

Before we learn more about the typical features of this type of shoes, we should understand first the basic characteristics of hard courts so you’ll know what to look for in a tennis shoe.

Surface of Hard Courts

Hard courts are generally made of concrete or asphalt. For a smoother surface, they’re covered with a permanent acrylic layer. It’s exciting to play on an acrylic surface for the ball moves faster.

Features of Hard Court Shoes

More about the required outsoles for hard court shoes, most of their surface should have a herringbone tread or pattern. This is important for maximum grip.

Meanwhile, the upper should have more support through durable materials. It should feel sturdier.

When it comes to cushioning, it must be able to absorb so much impact. This will help lower the pressure applied to your joints, reducing the likelihood of pain in your legs. Another feature that can protect your joints is a midsole with a good bounce-back or return of energy as you step.

For the toe section, it should have a durable protective cover. It’s vulnerable to dragging, so it must be protected by a tough material.

There’s a huge plus if you buy a pair of top-notch hard court shoes. They can survive the demands of clay and grass courts as well.

Clay Court

Just like how we’ve discussed hard court shoes, we’re going to describe clay courts first before talking about the right type of footwear for those surfaces.

Surface of Clay Courts

Widely used for training, clay courts are the total opposite of hard courts because they’re softer. They’ll feel like heaven under your feet, especially after jumping, for they can reduce the stress applied on your soles. Tennis balls also move the slowest on clay, hence the court being perfect for beginners or intermediate players who are still training.

For maintenance, the lines should be plastic or fabric to avoid fading and the surfaces should be rolled regularly to stay flat.

Here are other things you can expect from clay courts performance-wise:

Easier game for defense players More difficult to serve because of the ball moving slowly More tiring than other courts because of slower movements

As for the general advantages:

Helps you make more strategies because of longer rallies Improves endurance Easier to practice new techniques Fewer injuries

Lastly, the disadvantages of clay courts are:

Presence of bumps Susceptible to damage caused by erosion Not ideal for places with rainy and/or windy weather Clay dust entering your eyes

Features of Clay Court Shoes

While hard court shoes only have herringbone treading on certain sections of their outsoles, clay court shoes have the pattern on the entire bottom surface. All you can see on the outsoles of clay court shoes are zigzags.

The full treading will help you slide easily on clay. It will also be easier for you to move to and fro because of the enhanced grip. And, since the grooves are wider yet shallower, you can quickly remove stuck clay by simply tapping your shoes.

Clay court shoes are technically speed shoes for they need to be lighter. Heavier footwear will only make things worse on a slow court. However, like speed shoes, the clay court type isn’t durable enough for long-term use.

Remember to pick shoes with an upper that’s tightly knitted. You don’t want clay dust penetrating your shoe. You can wear something more solid, but it’s heavier and more likely to overheat.


Despite the added stiffness, the Adidas Barricade 2018 Tennis Shoe is still our favorite among the superior products we’ve included on the list. It balances support and comfort for versatility, balance, and durability. Its design is also easier to wear and effective at maintaining power and speed.

If you’re going to look for more options, remember to think about your skill level, playing style, and preferred court first. Are you more about speed or stability? Do you prefer hard courts or clay courts? These are the questions you need to ask yourself before making a purchase.

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