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14 Best Tennis Racquets for Advanced Players Review

The best tennis racquets for advanced players differ from your typical beginner tennis racket. For advanced players, it is already established that they already developed the power and coordination required of the sport. By design, a lot of these tennis racquets were designed to maximize control of the ball once it gets hit.

But choosing the best pro tennis racket can still get tricky. There are many aspects that you will have to consider to be able to get the best bang for your buck. We’ve decided to come up with a list of pro tennis rackets that can help give you make a decision.

Best Tennis Racquets for Advanced Players

Babolat 2018 Pure Drive

The Babolat 2018 Pure Drive is a favorite nowadays for a lot of intermediate and advanced players. For this reason, it is considered by many players as one of the good tennis rackets that they can invest in. It’s something that they can use once they’ve learned how to play the game.

It features SMAC technology which is known for its soft shock-absorbing quality that can lessen vibration. This material is integrated into the fiber of the Babolat 2018 Pure Drive giving users the comfort that they need whenever they are playing.

Unlike head heavy tennis racquets, its head light design prioritizes the weight on the handle which means that it can lessen the impact on the user’s hand when swinging the tennis racquet. As for the head size, it measures 100 square inches, something that is considered an ideal intermediate head size. As for the string, the quality has been supervised by a USRSA Certified Master Racquet Technician.

One common complaint that we’ve noticed on the Babolat 2018 Pure Drive is the fact that the string pattern is tight. It means that if you are an intermediate player who wants power, this might not be an ideal setup for you. A lot of intermediate players who preferred more power opted for lower tension.


Shock absorbing property Comfortable on the player’s hands Quality of string supervised by a USRSA Certified Master Racquet Technician


The tension is a bit high for an intermediate player or for someone who wants more power on his or her shots

HEAD Graphene 360 Speed Pro

The catchy marketing line for the HEAD Graphene 360 Speed Pro is that you will be able to hit the ball like Novak Djokovic. It is considered an ideal option for those who serious about their game. It fits the profile of an ideal tennis racquet used by pros. It is combination of good control and comfort. Unfortunately, if you are someone who still needs to develop power in his or her shots, then you might find it a bit difficult to use this particular tennis racquet.

Measuring 27 inches, with a head size of 100 square inches, this has become a perfect option for aggressive baseliners. It allows you to have good groundstrokes and have control over your shots given its lightweight construction. Head brought down the weight of the Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro from 332 grams to 310 grams.

Though it has turned off those who like their racquet to be heavy, it isn’t a bad thing since it truly did live up to its name as Speed Pro. As the name suggests, its best asset is its maneuverability. Also, since it is lighter, it is easier for the user to have control of how he or she hits. It has a reinforced material by the shaft allowing users to still get the pop that they need for their shots.

The grapheme rings are responsible for reduced impact as well as better energy transfer throughout the entire racquet. It means that it is also comfortable to use.


Good maneuverability Good for groundstrokes Durable material


The updated version has become lighter

Prince Textreme Warrior 100T

Weighing roughly around 292 grams with all the strings, you could consider this as a lightweight tennis racquet perfect for those who prefer to have control over their shots. It offers great maneuverability as well as stability when you use the Prince Textreme Warrior 100T. Though on the flip side, you want to have enough power when you buy the Prince Textreme Warrior 100T. To some degree, it does feel hollow and tiny. Prince Textreme Warrior 100T has mid-tension strings which are an in-between for power and control.

By design, it is a head light tennis racquet measuring 27 inches in total length. One of the things that you will notice with the Textreme Warrior 100T is that it can easily be the best tennis racquet for spin and control. And also, since most of its weight is on the handle, you can feel the difference when the ball hits the racquet. You will notice how it can minimize the vibration.

It is perfect for someone who has already developed the necessary skills and proficiency in playing tennis. However, even an intermediate player might struggle using the Prince Textreme Warrior 100T given the lightweight design.


Lightweight design perfect for an advanced player Offers great control and spin Lessens vibration by the handle Great for baseliners


Not a good option for players looking to generate power in their shots

Wilson 2018 Blade 98 (16×19) Countervail

Wilson 2018 Blade 98 could arguably be one of the best Wilson tennis rackets in the market today for several reasons. It has been included in the top ten tennis racquets of many pros considering the technology that the company used in making this tennis racquet.

The 98 square inch head of the Wilson 2018 Blade 98 is perfect for someone who already developed the necessary skills to be considered an advanced player. Beginners to intermediate players might find themselves struggling to hit the sweet spot given the small head size. However, because of this, you also expect the Wilson 2018 Blade 98 to offer superior control. It has a 16×19 string open string pattern to give users a good mix of power, control, and spin.

And also, let’s not forget the countervail technology that has been implemented by Wilson in the Wilson 2018 Blade 98. It’s common for advanced players to experience injuries with all the countless hours of playing tennis. With the countervail technology, it helps give users the chance to use the tennis racquet with less tension on their joints. Countervail technology does a good job of lessening vibration and reducing muscle fatigue at the same time without compromising the feel of the tennis racquet.


Offers countervail technology to lessen vibration Offers superior control 16×19 string pattern offers a good balance of power, control, and spin


Less whippy and generates less power

Babolat-Pure Strike 16/19

The Babolat Pure Strike with its 98 square inch head is something that offers control more than power. The 16×19 string pattern also allows users to get the ample spin that they want from a tennis racquet. The Babolat Pure Strike has been developed mainly for precision shotmaking. It has thin beams making it easy for the user to swing the racquet without any problem.

However, it isn’t exactly as light as other pro tennis players racquets. Its strung weight is at 320 grams which means that it can still give you the power that you need. The material used on the Babolat Pure Strike is graphite which is responsible for its soft frame allowing users to experience less vibration with their shots.

The racquet made use of the Woofer Dynamic String System known to provide a greater trampoline effect and better shock absorption. It means that it can generate power on your shots and at the same time lessen the vibration on your hands.

The only problem that you might want to anticipate in this tennis racquet is the small head size. It means that it might not be a good option even for an intermediate player especially if you are not yet accurate with your shots.


Woofer dynamic string system that lessens vibration and allows greater trampoline effect Lightweight design Graphite material that can lessen the shock


Small head size

HEAD Graphene Touch Speed Pro (Unstrung)

The Head Speed Pro is optimized and designed specifically for those who plan on competing. This is the same tennis racquet that is recommended by Novak Djokovic. Unlike the older version, this new and improved Touch Speed Pro is made of graphene material. It means that it is lightweight and could absorb the shock from shots. Many claim that it is easier on the arms compared to the previous design.

If you are an intermediate player, you can still enjoy the Head Graphene Touch Speed Pro. It has a head size of 100 square inches. It gives you the chance to hit the sweet spot easier especially if you are still trying to transition from being an average intermediate player to becoming a competitive advanced player. However, some felt that it had a muted response.

Unlike a cookie-cutter approach, the Head Graphene Touch Speed Pro allows users to have the tennis racquet according to their preference. Since it is unstrung, you can string it yourself. You can have it according to your preference. Unfortunately, most Head tennis racquets are made in China. It means that there is always that chance that it doesn’t have good quality. However, Head still maintains its production in the US.


Graphene material that dampens vibration 100 square inches which mean both control and power Allows you to have it according to your preferred tension


Most of Head’s production is in China and have questionable quality Muted response

HEAD Graphene XT Radical Pro (Unstrung)

Just by looking at the appearance of the Head Graphene XT Radical Pro, you will notice that it fits the profile of pro players’ racquets. Small head size (98 square inches), 27 inches in length, and a head light balance. These things mean that you can have control when using the Graphene XT Radical Pro. With Graphene material at play, it offers a lightweight design and something that can help reduce the impact on your hands. It is also head light which means that it lessens the fatigue on your grips when you start playing.

The strung weight for this tennis racquet is at 320 grams. Thanks to the graphene material, Head was able to decrease its weight from the previous model by 20%.

If you are an advanced player, most likely, you’d like the control that it offers given the small head size, the head light balance and the ability of the material to absorb shock. Unfortunately, it does have a stiffer feel. And also, we still find the previous version to be more responsive when it comes to the control department.


Good groundstrokes Lightweight design Allows less tension on the forearm


Feels stiff to use Others feel the previous version to be more responsive

Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Tennis Frame Unstrung Without Cover

If you will ask Roger Federer regarding his idea of the best Wilson tennis racquet, he may have the Wilson Pro Staff RF97 in mind. Weighing at around 357 grams, the Wilson Pro Staff RF97 is a heavy hitter that can help generate power. It has a swing weight of 330 plus, it has also been designed to prioritize control.

It has a head size of 97 square inches. With a combination of its weight that is a bit heavy for a pro tennis racquet and a small head size, it means that you can still hit the ball hard even if you have a smaller head size. It also means that it can give you the control that you need especially if you are an aspiring professional tennis player. In terms of weight distribution, it is heavy by the handle allowing the user to experience less vibration when the ball comes in contact with the tennis racquet.

Because it is a balance of power and control, you can go crazy hitting the ball and not feel as if you are hitting off your mark. It is also impressive when it comes to its maneuverability allowing the user to flick the wrist without any issues whatsoever. However, some players find this racquet to be a bit muted.


Good maneuverability A good combination of control and power Lessens vibration on the forearm


Feels muted Overpriced racquet

Babolat 2013-2015 AeroPro Drive Plus

The AeroPro Drive Plus is known for providing users with a smooth feel. Extreme spin, plus helping aggressive ball striking, these are just some things that you can expect from the AeroPro Drive Plus. For this iteration of the AeroPro Drive, it has been improved and was integrated with an Active Cortex technology. For those who used the Pure Drive in 2012, they are quite familiar with this technology. What it does is help in dampening vibration lessening the tension when the racquet hits the ball.

It has also an additional length that gives users additional reach that they need. It performs well especially when it comes to its groundstrokes. It weighs around 300 grams without the strings. It means that it isn’t too heavy or too light.

If you are a defensive player, volleying the ball back anywhere in the court is also easy with this tennis racquet. The only thing that you might find bad about the Babolat AeroPro Drive Plus 2013-2015 model is the fact that it’s a bit on the stiffer side. Therefore, you can expect more vibration on this tennis racquet which can be somewhat stressful on the wrist and forearm after a prolonged game despite the vibration dampening technology.


Vibration dampening technology Good maneuverability and spin Helpful for aggressive striking


A bit on the stiffer side

Babolat 2018 Pure Aero Plus

The Pure Aero Plus is the tennis racquet endorsed by Rafael Nadal. It is considered by many as the best new tennis racquet. Before we discuss the good and the bad, it is important to take a closer look at its specifications. The Babolat 2018 Pure Aero Plus weighs 320 grams with the strings. Unlike most tennis racquets, this version has a total length of 27.5 inches. The additional half-inch can make a huge difference in your game especially if you are after good groundstrokes. And lastly, the head size measures 100 square inches.

The Aero Plus is an improved version of the Babolat Pure Aero. If you are someone who likes power and spin, then the Babolat Aero Plus is something that might provide satisfaction. It also offers good control despite generating decent spin and power.

However, if you are already strong, you may find this tennis racquet as a problem. Though it is one of the top tennis racquet options recommended by none other than Rafael Nadal, you might find it lacking in control if you are a player who swings fast.


Can help in generating power Recommended by Rafael Nadal Measures 27.5 inches


May not provide good control if you have a fast swing

Wilson [K] Zero Strung Performance Value

Wilson [K] Zero Strung Performance Value can be considered as the best Wilson racquet for those who are looking for a small racquet that can generate power. Unfortunately, if you are going to bring the Wilson [K] Zero Strung Performance Value tennis racquet to a pro, you will realize that it isn’t exactly something that can live up to the potential. At most, it can be a good option for advanced recreational players.

The head size of the Wilson [K] Zero Strung Performance Value measures 118 square inches. It means that you may not be able to have good control of this tennis racquet. In addition to this, it has a head heavy design which further gives the impression that it was designed to help those who are still learning how to generate power in their swings.

However, there is a saving grace to the Wilson [K] Zero Strung Performance Value tennis racquet. It makes use of Kompac center technology that helps with handling and maneuverability.


Lightweight design Decent head size to allow users to hit the sweet spot with ease Head heavy design to help generate power


Not offering good control

Babolat-Pure Strike 100

Pure Strike 100 is said to be an intermediate tennis racquet. However, you can argue that it is can also come in handy for the pros. It has a 100 square inch head size. In addition to this, it made use of graphite which is known for being lightweight and offering good flexibility. Plus, it weighs 314 grams allowing the user to generate power with every strike. It even makes use of a woofer dynamic string system that allows the string and frame to interact generating additional power with a greater trampoline effect.

It is arguably the best racquet from Babolat simply because it helps in generating power shots without compromising comfort and control. If you will examine its frame, you will also notice that it has been thickened in specific areas to provide better power, stability, and precision to its user. Though it is one of the best rated tennis rackets, many believe that Pure Strike 98 is still better than this version.

Some players think that swing weight was sacrificed in exchange for some added maneuverability and overall stability.


Made of graphite Can easily generate powerful shots Provides great trampoline effect with the woofer dynamic string system


Compromised swing weight for a bit of maneuverability Not as good as the Pure Strike 98

Prince Textreme Tour 95 (4-3/8)

If you are to ask the professional tennis players what are the best tennis rackets? They’d most likely tell you that these are the ones that offer superior control. The Prince Textreme Tour 95 fits this description. It is a tennis racquet pros use simply because it brings in classic precision that is currently missing in today’s market.

With a headsize of 95 square inches and a weight of 334.5 grams plus having a head light design, it is a combination of a racquet that can bring power in your shots, and something that can also provide accuracy and control. If you are going to ask the players, they find the Prince Textreme Tour 95 more of a control-oriented racquet since some even find the power a bit dialed down. Many are also comparing this to Babolat Pure Control 95 considering the stable weight and maneuverability that it offers.


Control oriented features Stable weight Good maneuverability


Lacks power for some players

Wilson Burn 100S CV

The Wilson Burn 100S CV weighs 315 grams with the strings. It has a 100 square inch head size and a length of 27 inches. This can be considered among the top rated tennis rackets in today’s market or even the best Wilson tennis racquet depending on your preference.

It has helped maximize energy transfer whenever the user hits the ball thanks to the countervail material integrated into the frame of The Burn 100S CV. What it does is help reduce muscle fatigue and could even lessen injuries especially for players who play tennis for long durations.

Plus, it can be the best tennis racquet for spin since it has the Wilson legendary Spin Effect Technology. What it does is help increase ball spin. Now, it isn’t just the spin that makes it a favorite even among the pros. We are talking about the best tennis racquet for spin and power. 18 x16 string pattern, 100 square inches of head size, and 315 grams strung weight. These things make it a good option for the pros.

Unfortunately, it is a bit stiff. Though it has a countervail technology that can dampen vibration, there were still some people complaining about how they can feel their wrist getting sore after continuously using the tennis racquet.


Countervail technology to minimize vibration Can generate great power Technology that can increase ball spin


Stiff material

Buying Guide

A lot of players with years of experience still ask what is the ideal tennis racket for advanced players? Advanced players have a more particular taste when it comes to their professional tennis racket. On most occasions, there are no two players alike. If you will ask Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer about their preferred racket, these pros may give a different answer to you.

From what they consider as the best tennis racquet brand to the particular weight of their tennis racquets, all of these things differ depending on the person who is playing.

If you are transitioning from an intermediate player looking to turn professional, or perhaps, you want to explore rackets that offer better control, here are some things that you might want to consider. We’ll mention aspects that can help bring out the best in your game.


Available lengths for pro tennis racquets range from 27 to 29 inches. Length is an important consideration since it allows you to reach groundstrokes better. Long tennis racquets also give you an advantage whenever you are serving the ball. However, you also have to consider the additional weight that you will have to add to your racquet in case you decide for a longer one.

Some advanced players are still very particular with the power that they generate with their racket. Making everything else equal, a 27.5-inch racket is a better power tennis racquet than a 27-inch version.


By now, as an advanced player, you know that the best tennis racket for power is a racket that is considered heavy in today’s standards. Simple physics will dictate that power is equal to weight multiplied by velocity. The heavier the racket, the easier it is to hit the ball hard. However, it doesn’t follow that the best power tennis racket makes a good tennis racquet for intermediate and advanced players.

For professional tennis players, it is important to consider other factors such as control and even fatigue. As an advanced player, you need to be particular about control. Unfortunately, some of the most powerful tennis racquet options don’t perform well in the control department.

Head Size

Head size will have an impact on how you are going to perform on the court. Typically, beginners like tennis rackets that have a bigger head size. The reason for this is that larger head sizes make it easier for the user to hit the sweet spot which is the center of the head.

As for the pro tennis racquets, it is common to see versions that measure less than 100 square inches. Tennis rackets that have a smaller head size are known to provide better control than the larger ones.


One misconception about a tennis racquet for advanced players is that it has to be expensive. Given today’s competition in the market, you will be surprised how competitive the prices of these tennis rackets can get.

Though the price tag isn’t everything, it is an important consideration whenever you are picking a tennis racket. Even the best pro tennis racquet in the market doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg. Also, there are those included in the top ten tennis rackets that can give you a budget-friendly alternative.

Different brands have different considerations whenever they price their tennis rackets. Materials, technology and even marketing all come into play. For someone picking his or her pro tennis racket, you need to compare at least five rackets that fall within your budget. This way, it’s easier to make an objective decision about your choice.

Vibration Dampener

It is common for advanced tennis players to be dealing with injuries. Wrist and pain in the elbow joint are just some of the things that you can get from playing tennis. Given this reality, you also need to consider if the tennis racket is going to either help protect your current injuries or exacerbate the condition?

If you will look at superior quality tennis rackets, you’ll notice that some are designed to absorb the vibration from hitting the ball. A technology called vibration dampener is usually installed on tennis racquets to absorb the vibration and minimize the strain on a player’s hands.

A vibration dampener is usually a rubber material that is inserted into the string bed right outside the strings of a tennis racquet. Typically, you will experience reduced “ping” sound as the racquet hits the ball.


By now, you may have already realized that tennis can test your grips. Imagine holding on to your racket hitting the ball for a prolonged period. There are five different grip sizes for you to choose from. Size 1 is the smallest and size 5 is the largest.

4 1/8”-1 4 1/4”-2 4 3/8”-2 4 1/2″-3 4 5/8”-4

You want to check the size of your hands if you are going to select a racquet. You don’t want a racquet that has a small handle simply because you will have to grip too hard. On the other hand, you also don’t want something that has a handle that is large for your hands. You will also burn your forearms faster if this is the case.

Strung vs. Unstrung

Another important consideration is whether or not you should go with a strung or unstrung tennis racquet. Beginners usually like strung racquets because they just have to use the tennis racquet. However, as you gain experience and knowledge playing the game, you will realize that string tension relates to both power and control.

The higher the tension, the more control that you get from your racquet. However, you will have to hit harder to get the power that you need. The opposite happens when you loosen the tension. That’s when it is easier to generate power but harder to have control.

Many advanced players prefer to have the unstrung over the strung tennis racquets. The reason is simple. Advanced players can tweak the tension according to their preference.


Balance is another debate that usually occurs among advanced and intermediate tennis players. Even tennis racquets used by pros differ when it comes to how the weight is distributed within their racquet. Some prefer an evenly balanced racquet while others prefer head heavy or a head light version.

So how does balance affect your game? Head heavy allows better power and stability. Head heavy tennis racquets provide the extra mass needed to generate powerful shots. And also, heavier head keeps the tennis racquet from moving or twisting. On the other hand, the head light option allows the player to swing faster. Plus, since it has added weight on the handle, it helps in reducing the shock.

Now, if you want the best of both worlds, you can go for the balanced racquet. It means that you can minimize vibration on your hands while still generating some power on your shots. The reality is that there is no formula when it comes to which type of balance works best for you.


Next, you also want to assess the material that is going to be used on your tennis racquet. Even for the pros, the choices for a tennis racquet can be intimidating. Graphite, aluminum, and even boron and Kevlar are among some of the most popular options out there. Each has different pros and cons.

For less expensive racquets, it is common to see aluminum still being used. Unfortunately, this doesn’t usually pop up on top rated tennis racquets for the pros. The reason is that it causes a lot of vibration. The more popular option is graphite. Graphite is any composite mixture with fiberglass-type resins. Today, beginner-friendly to professional tennis racquets use graphite because of its durability and for being lightweight.

Boron and Kevlar are said to be better than graphite. It is even lighter than graphite which means that it can provide better control between the two.


You will also want to assess the stiffness rating on your racquet. The stiffer the racquet, the more power it generates. However, stiffer rackets tend to vibrate sending impact on your wrist and arms.

Style of play

Lastly, you want to determine your type of play. By now, you have developed your style. Are you the defensive or are you the offensive type of player? Aggressive players need to generate power when it comes to their shots. On the other hand, for defensive players, you’d want more control since you want to be more accurate with your shots where you are going to have the ball on the opposite side of the court.


Advanced tennis players have different preferences when it comes to their tennis racquet. Some prefer racquets that can generate power and spin, while others prefer to go with comfort and control. Nowadays, there are a variety of tennis racquets that you can choose from. Modern materials and technologies are integrated into these tennis racquets making choices even more complicated for the consumers.

To have the right tennis racquet that will fit your needs, you want to know your style and even your preference. Also, you need to do a bit of research. Different brands have different approaches to how they built the perfect tennis racquet for advanced players. Some included materials that add flexibility while others made the frames a bit stiffer to generate power. Just keep in mind that all it takes is patience to find the right tennis racquet for you.




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