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PHOTOS/VIDEO: Rafael Nadal and Marc Lopez at the Banco Sabadell event in Malaga, 19 Sept 2017

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Главная » 2017 » September » 19 » PHOTOS/VIDEO: Rafael Nadal and Marc Lopez at the Banco Sabadell event in Malaga, 19 Sept 2017


PHOTOS/VIDEO: Rafael Nadal and Marc Lopez at the Banco Sabadell event in Malaga, 19 Sept 2017


Photos: EFE; Agencia Punto Press‏; La Opinión de Málaga‏



Translated by Genny SS:

"Being #1 doesn't change his life, says Rafa... The 1st time was special because it was a goal. Now, that's not the case. 
Main goal currently is to be happy and healthy.
Rafa mentions again how the match against Sascha in AO was a turning point.
Rafa's asked how do you overcome a "mental injury" like the one in 2015: "With time, work & enthusiasm. Believing in what you do".
Did Rafa think of retiring when things were going badly? No.
Apparently some of Rafa's cousins are in Malaga too... chance for Rafa talk about how big a family man he is.
Rafa's asked about the only big title he hasn't won (WTF)... Rafa says he'll try again this year, but he's not obsessed with it.
Rafa talking about how the tennis is changing... he just tries to adjust to how things are coming as much as he can.
Rafa's very happy with Moya in the team... asked if he'll miss Toni next year, Rafa says he'll know next year and will tell them (big grin)
Rafa's very happy with how the RNA is going. This year they have 120 students, for some of them is their 2nd year (so, they were happy)
Rafa says he's learned how to enjoy while being away from home.
Rafa doesn't like confrontations & tries to avoid them. He hardly gets angry. It has to be very serious for him to get angry at something.
Rafa's still a chocolate lover, but he's trying not to go over the top with it as he used to do years ago (same with the olives)
Rafa doesn't like the ice baths... at all. He only takes one if it's really necessary.
What makes Rafa happy? Being with family/friends, the sea, the sport (watching it, too)
The Catalunya's issue comes out.... Rafa repeats what he said a few days ago: He doesn't undestand Spain w/o Catalunya & Catalunya w/o Spain.
Rafa insists that Spain & Catalunya are better & stronger being together (there's been a great ovation to Rafa's words about this issue)
Talking about the new generation in Spanish tennis..... (yeah, we know Rafa) Spain can't compete with countries like those that host GS.
Marc says that he's liked how Rafa's spoken... Rafa jokes saying they'll appreciate the difference now when he starts talking.
Rafa & Marc talking about how important communication is in doubles.
Who does Marc prefer as double partner, Rafa or Feli? Rafa says Marc was supposed to play w/him in Beijing but changed mind & goes to Tokyo.
Marc's said Rafa & Feli are very different players,happy to play w/both but...Rafa's a better player so it's easier w/him.
Rafa says that he wants to win WTF only because he wants Marc to stop bragging about him having won it while he hasn't!
Rafa talking now about where tennis is going... possible changes, what crowd will enjoy more...which kind of show is wanted.
They've been asked about the non-renewal of Conchita...neither Rafa nor March have any problem w/Conchita..
Last year players supported her renewal for at least one year. This year players have kept themselves aside & let the RFET to take decision.
Rafa insists Conchita deserves to be acknowledged for good work done. She's been DC captain for a period of time similar to other captains.
Rafa saying how tough & difficult wheelchair tennis seems to him. Lola says it's not's a question of adjusting to circumstances."


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