PHOTOS/VIDEO: 2017 Shanghai Masters R2 Rafael Nadal vs. Jared Donaldson

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Главная » 2017 » October » 11 » PHOTOS/VIDEO: 2017 Shanghai Masters R2 Rafael Nadal vs. Jared Donaldson


PHOTOS/VIDEO: 2017 Shanghai Masters R2 Rafael Nadal vs. Jared Donaldson


2017 Shanghai Masters R2 Rafael Nadal bt. Jared Donaldson  6/2 6/1

Next opponent - Fabio Fognini

“It was a very quick match in all aspects,” said Nadal. “I think Jared started playing very well at the beginning, serving big, and then hitting very strong from the baseline. Of course, I started trying to play a little bit more safe, without looking for big shots… Of course, I was happy to get that break in the 3-2 in the sixth game. It helped me that he made some double faults, two double faults. Then I played some good points, I think. After that I think I played a great match. Not many mistakes.”

Rafael Nadal, who returned to No. 1 in the Emirates ATP Rankings on 21 August, is seeking to become year-end No. 1
“If that happens, it will be, I think, a very important achievement for me," said Nadal. "I will be year-end No. 1 four times in my career, with so many years of difference I think it’s something very difficult. But there remains work to do.” (via ATP)

Photos: Getty Images; Osports; REUTERS; AP; AFP; IC; Xinhua; Shanghai Rolex Masters; 杨范一旭; 


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