Head Graphene Touch Extreme Lite Tennis Racquet Review

Do you have an aggressive junior tennis player struggling to be accurate in his shots? Does he take to all court style type of play? The best way to assist such a child to quickly horn his skills is to provide him the best tennis racquets for beginners.

So why not give the young player a tennis racquet that matches his skill as a birthday present? On the same note, Head Graphene Touch Extreme Lite makes a perfect choice for such a group of players. Take a look at the following specifications to learn why that is so;

Features and Specifications

Head Size

This racket employs a moderate head size of 100sq inches. It’s neither too big nor too small. When you compare it to the Babolat Boost Drive, it’s smaller in size. The reduced head size assists the player to practice how to make accurate hits on the sweet spot consistently. At the same time, such vast area covered by the head generates ample power that a young player requires.

Available in Different Grip Sizes

An ill-fitting racquet in your palms gives you a difficult time gripping the equipment. To avoid such an inconvenience, Head Graphene avails the racquet in four different grip sizes. That includes 4 ½, 4 ¼, 4 1/6, and 4 3/8 inches.

Accordingly, whether you have big or small fingers, you can get your perfect grip. That minimizes the strain of gripping the handle, thereby letting you concentrate on controlling the ball.

Head Heavy Balance

Unlike the Babolat 2018 Pure Aero Lite that features an even weight distribution on the entire racquet structure, this Head Graphene features 2 points head-heavy balance. By concentrating more weight on the head, this equipment gives high momentum and high spin to the tennis ball. That means the junior player only imparts less effort, yet the ball reaches past the net.

Standard Racquet Length

A racket’s length influences your leverage and the ease of reaching for groundstrokes. For that reason, the Head Graphene Touch Extreme Lite, just like the Prince Textreme Tour 100T (2015), features a standardized length of 27 inches. Your junior player, therefore, doesn’t have to bend extremely for groundstrokes. At the same time, the balls that threaten to pass overhead are also easier to reach.

The Good

Lightweight for Fast Swings

The entire racket’s weight when strung is 9.9 ounce. That makes it lighter than even the HEAD MicroGel Radical. Hence during play, it feels very friendly to the arms. Added to the feature that it has 2 points head-heavy balance, it supports fast swings at the ball.

Good Grip and Sweat Absorption

At the handle, this racket employs Hydrosorb Pro grip material. A close look at it reveals that it is contoured. So that awards it the extra tacky texture. Thus when you hold it in your hands, it won’t easily slip away. In addition to its superior grip ability, it further displays admirable sweat absorption capability too.

Open String Pattern

This Head Graphene racquet displays 16 strings in the main and 19 in the crosses. Such a string arrangement has wide spacing. In effect, it can take a good bite on the ball, thus propelling it with more power. Hence if you need a little boost in your play to serve effectively from the baseline, this is the equipment to use.

Good Dampening Ability

The stiffer a racquet is the more vibrations it transmits to your arms. HEAD has been in this sport for longer and thus recognizes that. Therefore it gives you a frame with Babolat RDC stiffness of 60, making it relatively flexible.

At the same time, it incorporates Kraibon material into the frame. The combination of that flexibility and the Kraibon material gives this racket superior shock absorption ability. Few vibrations can, therefore, reach you in the event of an impact with the ball. So, overall it is arm friendly.

Employs 360 Spin Grommets

Besides the Graphene touch that pumps more life to this equipment, it further incorporates the spin grommet technology. Such a technique ensures that the strings offer a targeted movement. In particular, the main cords can move freely in both ways of the plane.

Furthermore, it incorporates an oval beam shape. In effect, that imparts a more trajectory and high spin to the tennis ball. To a junior player, even occasional off hits still possess high energy to go far.

Striking Colors

Its head features a combination of black and bright yellow colors. And when you look at the handle, it also displays a bright yellow color all over. Thus, overall the racket possesses a shouting appearance. Subsequently, if you are searching for a racquet to make you easy to single out, then the Head Graphene Touch Extreme Lite makes a viable choice.

So have you been impressed by the above features of this racquet? Don’t hesitate to grab your copy before stock runs out. Click the button below and make your order.


The Bad

Slight Improvement String Tension

Many users admire the quality of the string employed in this tennis piece of equipment. However, if the string tension could be improved a little bit, it can make excellent playing equipment.

Limited Color Options

If you are very particular about color, then this time HEAD doesn’t give you an option. It designs the equipment in only a mixture of yellow and black. But since it targets beginners, it shouldn’t be a significant drawback.

Who Is It For?

This Head Graphene Touch Extreme Lite is for junior tennis players. Honestly, it targets those looking for a racquet they can use from the entry-level to the time they are ready to make a transition to the intermediate level. Do you wish to take control of your shots? Then go for it or alternatively the HEAD MicroGel Radical.


Using a combination of a large head, Graphene touch, and 360 grommet technology HEAD designs the racquet that excels in spin and power. It then crowns it off with a lightweight and standard racquet length. A beginner will, therefore, find it very ideal. Do you wish to make a powerful counterpunch? Then check on the button below before it is too late to get a copy;


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