Federer’s Exclusive Interview with Tennis Channel

The holder of seventeen Grand Slams told Tennis Channel that the injury occurred while he was giving his kids a bath.

“I turned to put the water on and that’s when I heard the click in my knee and I didn’t think much of it and then after that we went to the zoo in the afternoon and I just realized my knee wasn’t good at all.”

After undergoing knee surgery, Federer was sidelined for six months due to extensive rehabilitation. As much as he enjoyed spending time with his family, he does admit he missed being on tour.

“Just missing sort of the family of tennis,” said the Swiss. “That started to hurt a little bit and that was probably the hardest part.”

It is safe to say that the ‘family of tennis’ missed the father of four, who many have crowned him the greatest of all time.

Watch Federer’s TenniStory:

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Original author: Ashley Ndebele
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