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These two teens, Emma and Leyla will be inextricably linked to one another in tennis history, as well they should be. The question is, can this continue? We certainly hope so!!

No Roger, no Rafa, so it’s a slam dunk for Novak, right? Not so fast, says the guy that should’ve won it last year!

Tennis has had a tough year, and we pay tribute to yet two more that are gone too soon. Mike DePalmer, Jr. and Mark Turpin. RIP, gentlemen.

With all the slipping and sliding, might The Championships ever consider synthetic? Jonny was outraged by the mere thought of it!

Tennis lost a great player, and close friend to many in our sport, Bill Scanlon. The Dallas, Texas Golden Boy will forever be immortal in tennis, doing something no other man has done, or likely will ever do again.

Mats, Jonny, and AZ examine how much of this clay-court season we can use to figure whether or not Rafa is still invincible at RG, and has Ash Barty proven on the dirt that she truly is #1 on the planet?

Also, Mats and AZ marvel at how Nadal leads a seemingly ageless generation at Barcelona. Don Pompan joins AZ and Jonny to talk about a tennis parent experience that is definitely not the norm!

Also, Tsitsipas reigns supreme in Monte Carlo, while 2 of the big 3 bite the dust on the Monaco dirt.

And a new scoring system? Thirty30 tennis is an interesting concept.

Tennis in Miami, no tennis at Indian Wells. What is the current state of the game?

Do things need to be fixed? If so, HOW???

Fernando Segal is the Director and Founder of the World Tennis Conference, featuring 58 amazing presenters from the highest levels of our sport. You’ll definitely want the 411 on that, and we’ve got it here!

Mats, Jonny, and AZ ponder whether Roger has another 2017 in his bag of timeless tricks, and what can Serena to turn back the hands of time??

So what does this Aussie Open tell us about the way 2021 may shakeout? So for it’s more of the same, but will that change soon? Wilander, never shy about these things, has some interesting thoughts!

3-time Aussie Champ, Mats Wilander, Jonny Levine, and AZ are joined by world doubles #1 coach Jeff Coetzee to discuss all things Australian tennis, including the crazy quarantine protocols that will undoubtedly affect the outcome in ’21.

Georgia Bulldog sophomore, Aidan Berkman was on the bag for his step-brother Shaun O’Meara, and his team finished 2nd. But what else can you tell us about this kid that stole the show?? And how does an 11 year old upstage Tiger Woods? Well when his name is CHARLIE Woods, and he’s the spitting image of his old man, that’s how!

What will we see in Australia? Can Serena win #24? Who does Djoker fear most? What IS this PTPA? And what were some of the best moments in an otherwise forgettable, if not regrettable year?

Along with our tributes to Ralston, Olmedo, and Forbes, we touch on the Vilas Documentary, the success of Laver Cup, and whether or not Roger still has one final act left in him.

These 3 all go way back to 70’s, and the two former longhorns can’t help but wonder what UT tennis might have done, had Giammalva followed in his father’s footsteps instead of turning pro straight out of high school.

With Rafa and Novak BOTH losing in London, are we finally on the verge of a changing of the guard? And hey Mats, golf with DJ? Do tell!!

One of the truly most idolized players of all time, it would stand to reason that Edberg would then coach perhaps THE MOST idolized player of all time, Roger Federer!