Best Tennis Balls 2020 Reviews

It’s only the combination of the right skills and pieces of equipment that registers success in any sport. The tennis game is not different too. You must get everything right; sneakers, socks, racket, and even possess the best tennis balls.

Do not be deceived that any tennis ball can fit any level of play. The tennis balls used for practice differ from those used at professional, championship, and recreational level.

The review brings you prominent tennis brands approved by USTA and ITF. These balls promise to up your game and thus enjoy the tennis sport regardless of your skill level.

Best Tennis Balls Review

US Open 3 Ball Can

Professional tournaments only employ the finest quality tennis balls.  Wilson’s US Open 3 Ball Can, has held the title of official ball of the US open for 40 years. That is enough evidence of its top quality design and superior performance.  And to seal any doubt, it possesses USTA and ITF approval for competitive plays.

These pro tennis balls, have been crafted by the premium woven felt technology. Using fine quality wool fiber, Wilson weaves it into a thick and dense felt. Finally, moisture and adequate pressure are injected into it.

As a result, it gives you the Wilson heavy duty tennis balls. Therefore owing to such a thorough process, these tennis balls provide unparalleled performance.  As extra duty balls, they can withstand the abrasiveness of hard courts. Thus they stand out among the best tennis balls for hard courts.

In each swing, the US Open 3 balls provide consistent performance for a long playtime period. Besides superior feel, you can make an accurate shot in each swing. You can thus use the ball for an extended period before it finally goes it deteriorates in performance.

But for the players who don’t own hard courts, you can still benefit from these balls. In addition to the extra duty, you can get other variations for high altitude and regular courts. Each can gives you3 tennis balls.


Features heavy-duty tennis ball Offers good playability USTA and ITF approved for competitive play Provides consistency in performance Provides long playtime Made from premium woven felt


Reduced performance in soft courts

Penn World Tour Extra Duty Tennis Ball Can

From its design, Penn World Tour Extra Duty Tennis Ball speaks far-reaching engineering skills. At the core, it employs technical grade rubber material.  Thus when you take a hit at this Penn tour tennis ball, it registers a precise bounce on hard court. However, it doesn’t perform dismally on other courts as well.

Covering the natural rubber core material is the tournament-grade felt. Unlike other balls that easily wear out, Penn packs the material that can withstand real tournament swings. Furthermore, it also has a controlled fiber release feature.

Subsequently, it makes the Penn extra duty tennis ball. You can thus enjoy a consistent feel in each swing. At the same time, natural rubber contributes to reducing shock ability. Owing to an extra duty quality, it can withstand 9 to 10 sessions before deteriorating in quality.

The Pro Penn extra duty tennis balls use the Smart optic felt technology. That makes it 19% brighter than the ordinary ones. For the player, that pumps in high visibility and hence increased accuracy in your game.

In each swing you make, this Penn World Tour registers the feeling of an extra punch and makes a swooshing sound. By extension, that also means an increased spin. As a result, you gain an advantage over your opponent.


Uses the rare Smart optic technology for increased visibility Boasts tournament-grade felt material. Not easily degraded by the abrasive hard courts Supports accurate shots


Not ideal for soft courts

Pro Penn Marathon Regular Duty Tennis Balls

Talk of the most durable tennis balls Pen has ever produced and this Pro Penn Marathon Regular Duty won’t miss in the list. It packs 3 balls per can. However, to enjoy the better deal, we advise you to go for the 24 can pack.

The Pro Penn marathon tennis balls, fit different types of courts. You can use them when playing tennis indoors, on grass, carpet, or clay courts. So if you are looking for clay-court tennis balls, it makes a good option.

A highly visible ball is easy to spot from afar off. Thus you can prepare to hit back with much accuracy. For that reason, Pro Penn Marathon Regular Duty uses Smart Optik technology to optimize its visibility.

Do you play tennis more often? Then this is the ball to settle for. It uses the high tenacity long play felt to provide you with extended play.

Every player wishes for the ball that lasts many sessions of play. Accordingly, Penn here taps on the durability of encore technology. Hence compared to other ordinary balls, it has a 22% longer life.

It thus makes the top choice for USPTA pros for training professionals.  That’s because of its increased visibility and extended life.


Durable and thus can survive frequent playing Has high visibility and thus accuracy Compatible with many types of courts


Eventually goes flat

Wilson Championship Regular and Extra Duty

Whether it’s the regular or extra duty, Wilson has displayed its expertise in making different types of tennis balls. With extra keenness and skills, it makes balls that have risen to flood the international tournament scenes.

This time it offers you the Wilson championship tennis ball.  Having been packed in a tin containing 3 balls, it’s much affordable than the large packs.  Although they are only three, the quality hasn’t been compromised.

And what’s the secret that Wilson has used? It’s using the Dura-weave felt that gives him the breakthrough. That makes the balls extra durable and register improved performance.

It is, therefore, no wonder that these balls have shown remarkable performance in over 45 professional tournaments. That includes the US Open, Australian Open, Davis Cup, and Fed cup.

The balls are available in both regular and extra duty variations. The regular fit indoor use like on clay courts. The premium woven felt gives these Wilson championship balls consistent performances.

Following its proven quality, they have USTA and ITF approvals to be used in championships, leagues, and other recreation levels. You can thus count on their quality.


Employs Dura-weave felt for enhanced performance Made in the USA using high quality imported materials Fits indoor and clay courts Maintains its bounciness Available in both regular and extra duty types


Somewhat expensive

Penn Championship High Altitude

After conducting 100 years of research, Penn finally makes a breakthrough in designing high altitude tennis balls. It gives you the balls that last longer, provides consistent performance, and doesn’t crack easily.

Using the controlled fiber release technique, it makes balls that boast an even nap. Moreover, it also employs the natural rubber in the core. That results in a ball with a consistent feel and reduced shock.

These Penn tour tennis balls exist in different packs. Thus whether you want a pack of 3, 12, and 24 you’ll get your choice. So that means even the player under budget won’t be disappointed.

Every tennis player looks for the ball that provides longer playtime. To satisfy that need Penn makes tennis balls with deep elastic seems.

As a result, it greatly minimizes the chances of developing cracks.  To further prolong their life, the balls exhibit interlocked wool fiber. For that reason, it doesn’t wear out easily.

Furthermore, it serves the interest of different types of courts. If you want the ball that suits grass or clay court then go for the regular duty.  But for exemplary performance on hard court, Penn gives you the extra duty.

Otherwise for high altitudes like 4000feet or more, extra duty high altitude balls should be your pick.

When you pick on these Penn Championship High Altitude balls, you are not betting on quality. Their value has been tested and verified by USTA and ITF. That’s why you will find this ball featuring in leagues and championship levels.


Taps on the deep elastic seem and interlocked wool fiber for extra-long life Provides the brand new performance for a protracted period Offers exemplary performance on 4000feet plus altitudes Available in different pack sizes


During packing it produces some strong unpleasant smell

Dunlop Sports Championship Tennis Balls

When on a budget and looking for inexpensive tennis balls, Dunlop Sports Championship fits the bill. Although affordable, that doesn’t mean its garbage. It meets the threshold of the ITF requirement and also forms one of the USTA approved tennis balls.

Dunlop taps on the durability of Dura-felt. It thus manages to design hard court felt tennis balls without sacrificing the playability.  Each contains 3 balls. But you can also get the 24 can pack.

At the core, it employs the unique rubber comprising of 14 different ingredients. At the outer level, it uses the fine woven felt. Consequently, the Dunlop Sports Championship Tennis Balls achieves outstanding feel, durability, and performance.

Pro tennis sports balls should be easy to spot. For that reason, Dunlop Sports Championship Tennis Balls employs the MaxGlo technology. The Dunlop tennis ball brands thus are 14% brighter than other models. To the tennis player, you can hence spot the ball from afar, adjust accordingly, and make accurate shots.

Dunlop makes one of the best tennis balls for hard courts. However, if you want to enjoy a nice time on other courts, it also avails the regular duty balls.


Uses an extra bright felt for enhanced visibility Affordable cost ITF and USTA certified quality Available in both regular and hard court Durable Packed in an attractive and rugged tennis ball case


Becomes flat relatively faster

Slazenger Wimbledon Official Tennis Balls

If you are looking for the best tennis ball that fits all surfaces, then Slazenger Wimbledon Official Tennis Balls have no equal. When you take it to grass or clay court it registers an amazing performance. But it won’t disappoint you on the hard court also.

Each of Slazenger Wimbledon Official tennis balls case contains 4 balls. Although the 6 pack cans may seem to be slightly pricey, their durability, especially on a grass court, is worth the investment.

When you take a swing on these balls, you’ll feel that they offer high playability. At the same time, using Dura felt technology Slazenger adds more life to the balls. And do you know what that means? It results in prolonged lifespan and hence extended training time.

In comparison to the ordinary tennis ball, Slazenger stands out. One primary reason for that is that it uses hydro guard technology.  As a result, when you are playing on wet surfaces, it repels about 70% of the moisture.


Sold in 6 packs with 24 balls Uses the hydro guard technology to repel moisture Has a long life Good visibility in the court


Relatively expensive

DUNLOP Australian Open Ball

You wouldn’t expect a low-quality tennis ball to feature in the first grand slam tournament of the year, would you? So the fact that the DUNLOP Australian Open Ball feature in such a competition gives you a glimpse of its overall quality.

And what’s Dunlop’s breakthrough invention here? The company employs the HD core and wraps it in HD PRO CLOTH technology too. To produce excellent results, it taps on fine engineering skills. Therefore that gives rise to extra durability and ability to perform on all surfaces.  It, thus, satisfies the demands of competitive tour players.

Furthermore, DUNLOP Australian Open Ball is officially endorsed for ITF and USTA play.  No wonder it holds the title of the official ball of the Australian open and emirates Australian Open series.  It promises you prolonged playtime and consistent standard performance.

Whether you want to play on hard or soft courts like grass or carpets, DUNLOP won’t disappoint. Each Can gives you a total of three balls.


Longer playtime since it uses HD Pro cloth and HD core Endorsed by USTA and ITF Official ball for the Australian Open and Emirates Australian Open series Compatible with all types of courts


Not ideal for amateur players

Penn Championship Tennis Balls – Extra Duty Felt Pressurized Tennis Balls

When you combine skills and experience, you become a pro within that field. On the same note, Penn invests 100 years of testing and improving on its skills in designing tennis balls. The result is Penn extra duty tennis balls. Owing to their superior quality, these balls are commonly used in Tennis tournament levels.

At the core, it uses natural rubber material. Such a material adds a consistent feel whenever you hit the court. Each set of games thus becomes interesting. At the same time, the rubber material significantly increases its shock proofing.

Most ordinary tennis balls register flaring of fibers after a few hitting in the court. To minimize that problem, these Penn championship xd tennis balls employ the interlocked wool fiber.

Have you ever felt the playability of a fresh tennis ball from a tennis ball case?  Penn championship provides such a feeling for an extended period.

You can, therefore, enjoy 5 to 6 games without it degrading in quality at all. That’s possible because of the breakthrough technology of controlled fiber release.

By using deep elastic seams, Penn manages to improve the general performance of the balls. Such a sturdy and even seam support a uniform bouncing ball.

Besides, you can also take hard hits on such a tennis ball without it showing any cracks. Accordingly, these pressurized tennis balls hold thrives as the official ball of the USTA league tennis.

This extra-duty felt provides optimum performance on hard court. However, it will similarly not disappoint on the soft court. Apart from the extra-duty felt, Penn provides these balls in the form of regular duty felt and extra duty high altitude felt.


Provides an even all-round bounce Registers the brand new feeling for a longer time Doesn’t flare up or crack easily USTA and ITF approved Boasts as the official ball of the USTA tennis league Available in 3, 4, 12, 15 and 24 cans pack


Attracts a high price tag

Wilson Prime All Court

When you snoop through the US Open, Australian Open Grand Slam Championships, and NCAA Tennis, one title runs across most of the balls used in those tournaments. It’s Wilson’s cool tennis balls. This time it gives you one of his variations, Wilson Prime All Court.

Here it once again portrays its expertise. Using the Dura-weave felt technique, it makes some of the best tennis ball brands in terms of durability. Thus when you take these balls to a court, you will reap standard performance.

At the same time, the Wilson Prime All Court balls have a design that fits all types of courts. So you can happily use it on hard or soft courts. And owing to their sturdiness, these Wilson prime balls make a good training piece of equipment.  You can also take them to the competition level and still enjoy good playability.


Fits all types of courts Ideal for both training and competition performance Uses the Dura weave technique thus durable Both USTA and ITF approved


Provides minimal bounce

Penn QST 36 Tennis Balls

If you kick off training kids early, they stand a good chance of becoming the next generation’s champs. However, at such an age, the standard tennis ball and court don’t make good training equipment. And that’s where Penn comes in.

Having been in the field for 100 years, the company understands clearly what your youngster needs. Consequently, it rolls out the Penn QST 36 Tennis Balls. It packs everything that an amateur requires. Hence it counts among the best tennis balls for practice.

Its design features low compression. Therefore reduces its speed by 75% when compared to the ordinary balls. So even if to make a hard hit, it won’t move at a terrific speed. Besides, the low compression contributes to a low bounce rate.

As the best practice tennis balls, they fit the 36-foot tennis court. And added to the low compression, it blends with driveway grounds. Although it makes one of the best tennis balls for beginners, its quality isn’t questionable. It satisfies the under tennis program requirements of USTA.

Youngsters aged 10 and below training for tennis still struggle to master ball control. For that reason, Penn provides for them a ball that has two tones. It bears red and yellow colors. Thus as it spins you can easily track its movement. That helps the child to make an accurate aim and hit.

As a training tennis ball, durability matters a lot. So these beginner tennis balls use durable felt material.  At the same time, they are designed to fit all types of courts. Penn QST 36 Tennis Balls are packed in polybags of 3 or 12 balls.


Provides good playtime since they bounce much slower Soft and thus even a hard hit won’t propel it to the next neighborhood easy to track owing to the 2 tones felt slightly large for good grip ideal if you are recovering from elbow or wrist injury


not good for pros

VIKING Extra Duty Platform

Although it isn’t famous like Wilson or Penn tennis, Viking isn’t a new brand in the tennis ball niche. It has been around for quite some time (from 1999) and forms one of the good tennis ball brands.

This time the company provides one of their fine brands for the hard court; the VIKING Extra Duty Platform tennis balls. They are available in a tennis ball case that holds 3.

These Viking tennis balls use the proven rubber compound as the core material. Such a rubber quality possesses the extra soft feel. Accordingly, it provides a consistent bounce.

Besides the soft rubber, it also taps on the Space-age technology and materials. Therefore it is able to design balls with long-lasting playtime. Moreover, the technology also boosts the bounciness of the balls.

On top of the soft rubber compound material, it uses the advanced flocking process of the fibers. As a result, it delivers the perfect outside texture that doesn’t wear out easily. Hence that explains the long playtime.

Besides the good texture quality, the napped fibers boost the balls spinning ability and controllability. These VIKING Extra Duty Platform balls thus provide good playability and a long time when taken to hard court. To boost up the visibility of these extra-duty balls, the manufacturer gives them a bright orange color.


Long playtime Uses the space-age technology to boost the spinning ability and bounciness of the balls Available in bright and highly visible colors


Less famous

Championship Extra Duty High Altitude Tennis Ball Can

Having rolled out Penn Championship High Altitude tennis ball, it doesn’t stop there. It fixes on the specification of the championship high altitude and gives it the extra duty ability.

At high altitudes, the air pressure is low. Thus to suit the 4000 plus foot altitude, Pen makes these hard court tennis balls slightly larger. So a swing on the ball would register the same playability as in low altitude.

Moreover, hard courts are naturally unforgiving on tennis balls. So Penn uses the interlocked wool fiber. Therefore it makes a slightly thicker felt. A bounce on the hard court, thus won’t fast wear the balls.

Each player has his swing style. To prevent premature cracking, these balls have deep elastic seems. Consequently, it holds longer and registers an even bounce.

Their quality has been certified by USTA and ITF. Thus you can invest in these branded tennis balls without any fear. When you take these balls to outdoor court like asphalt concretes you’ll reap good performance.


Provides extended playtime Both USTA and ITF certified Has a durable felt Sold in a pack of three balls


Limited packaging sizes

Wilson Championship Extra Duty Tennis Ball Case

Are you looking for USTA approved tennis balls? Then look no more than Wilson championship branded tennis balls. As a seasoned manufacturer in tennis pieces of equipment, it presents you with the tournament grades balls.

Do you know what distinguishes these from the ordinary tennis balls? They use the patented Wilson’s Dura weave felt technique. So when compared to other ordinary brands, these Wilson Championship Extra Duty Tennis Balls have remarkable lead in performance and durability.

Having been made of extra-duty felt, they fit hard court. Even the abusive nature of hard courts won’t wear them out quickly. Each Wilson Championship Extra Duty Tennis Ball case contains 24 cans. Considering that each can contains 3 balls, the case, therefore, provides a total of 72 balls.

These extra duty balls from Wilson provide twice the playtime offered by other non-extra duty counterparts. So although you might consider them as expensive tennis balls, their durability is unparalleled. Besides, it also bounces well on hard courts


Employs the patented Wilson’s Dura weave felt Good bounce Available in other variations as a regular duty for clay court


May seem expensive upfront

Tourna Mesh Carry Bag of 18 Tennis Balls

Have you ever tried playing tennis pressureless tennis balls? How would you know the difference if you don’t try it out? That’s why Tourna gives you some of the best pressureless tennis balls.

Even the best-pressurized balls go flat with time. And that’s where non-pressurized models champions. And once the pressure goes down, the bounce is compromised. They maintain a consistent bounce throughout.

When you sift through the best pressureless tennis balls review you will notice some are slightly smaller in size. However, Tourna is different as it packs the standard size and bounce rate. So it offers you the same feeling like any other tennis ball. Except that it doesn’t go flat.

Besides, these balls use the extra durable felt and rubber material. Therefore, it guarantees you longer playtime. However, apart from playing tennis, its durability gives it many alternative uses. You can use it in ball machines or in fetch play with your pet. Even the amateur tennis player will find it ideal for practice.

Even when you are under a tight budget, you can’t miss playing. That’s because they are packaged in different packages. That includes a case of 12, 18, 48, 50, or 60 balls. The mess carriage bag is closeable and reusable.


Maintains a consistent bounce throughout Durable It has many alternative uses Packed in an easy to transport and reusable bag


Only ideal for practices but not tournament levels

Wilson RF Legacy Tennis Ball Case

Most tennis cans feature 3 balls. Wilson RF Legacy Tennis Ball Case makes a unique signature by providing 4 balls in a can. That should give you more training time before replenishing your stock. Each case has 18 cans, and that totals to 72 balls.

These balls are packed in an attractive Wilson tennis balls case. In the Tennis niche, Roger Federer is a respected figure. As a sign of top quality, its tin has the authentic image of Roger Federer. That makes it easy to identify these pro tennis balls casing.

On top of the image, Roger even goes ahead to includes a personal note in the can. Do you wish to know why? He isn’t ashamed to identify and endorse a brand that excels in leading international championships.

Their design makes them all court tennis balls. So it makes one of the best hard, clay or grass court tennis balls. Moreover, it possesses a remarkable bounce and feels.


Superior pack of 4 balls Registers consistent performance It has attractive packaging


Easily gets dirty in a clay court

How to Choose Good Tennis Balls

Did you know that the type of tennis ball you choose influences your game positively or negatively? It is, therefore, vital to choose the best tennis ball regarding your skill level, type of court among other factors explained below:

Level of Quality

When manufacturing a tennis ball, each company tunes it to fit any of the following three quality levels:

Recreational Level

These refer to tennis balls that have the design to fit playing the sport at leisure levels. Consequently, they make the best balls for practice.

Besides, if you are new or young and want to learn its ropes, then these are the best tennis balls for beginners. Regarding price, the recreational level provides cheap tennis balls.

Championship Level

Having played the game for a while and grasped good skills then you have to upgrade from recreational to championship level. These are the balls that are generally used in many leagues. If you regard your skill level as intermediate, then these are the balls to settle for.

Professional Level

The professional level is the top tennis balls when it comes to quality. Professional tournaments employ this class. Each manufacturer with thus strive to put in its best skills and technology when designing theses expert level tennis balls.

Ball Type: Pressurized Vs. Non-pressurized Balls

All tennis balls fall into either pressurized or non-pressurized category. Each category has its advantages and limitations;

Pressurized Tennis Balls

As their name suggests, these balls have air space. In most cases, they feature rubber or its compound with a hole at the Center. The air space allows these balls to have superior bounce height, increased spin, and speed. These air-filled balls make the ideal choice for professional players.

But the major downfall you will experience is that eventually, the pressure inside decreases. When that happens, you have to replace the ball.

Non-Pressurized Balls

The pressureless balls employ no hollow core. Instead, the outer material has a bouncing ability. Thus their performance doesn’t decrease with time.

In other words, they retain their bounce throughout. Therefore, it forms one of the best balls for beginners, practice, or playing for recreational purposes. However, non-pressurized balls tend to be heavy.

Type of Court

Before choosing a tennis ball, think of where you intend to use it. The thickness of the outer covering (felt) determines the kind of court the ball suit most. Accordingly, that gives rise to two duty variations

Regular Duty Balls

If you intend to play mostly indoors or on clay courts, then settle for regular duty balls. These have relatively thin felt. Consequently, it won’t get dirty easily on clay.

Extra Duty Balls

When compared to their regular duty counterparts, these tend to be thicker. The extra thick felt makes it withstand the demanding nature of hard surfaces. Thus extra-duty felt makes the best tennis balls for hard and grass courts.


The height above the sea level is also another criterion for selecting the right tennis balls. The key difference between the low altitudes and high altitudes is the air pressure difference. Air pressure is low in high altitudes (from 4000feet above sea level).

Consequently, when you use the standard tennis balls, you will encounter higher speed and bounce. Controlling the ball, therefore, becomes very difficult.

So if you want to get the best performance in high altitudes, go for high altitude tennis balls. And according to ITF definition, that refers to 4000feet plus height above the sea.

Age; Child Vs. Adult-Friendly

Tennis game is not only played by adults but children too. It’s vital to introduce a young mind to the game. That way, you give him a head start to up his game way up to be a future champ.

But children won’t find it easy to train with the standard adult tennis ball. That’s major because of the speed and bounce height. Accordingly, children require balls that suit their ages; slower paced tennis balls.

That gives rise to three types;

Stage 3 Red Balls

As the name suggests, this class is marked by a red color on the tennis ball. It’s the beginner class aimed at youngsters 7years and below.

These balls help the kids to improve on their pattern of movement, build confidence, and fine-tune their coordination skills.

Stage three red balls are designed for mini tennis played on a 36-foot tennis court.

Stage 2 Orange Balls

From the stage 3, the kid advances to stage two tennis balls marked by an orange dot color. Kids aged about 8 to 10 find this ball easy to control. On average it bounces to half the height of a standard adult tennis ball. Stage two balls fit tennis court of length 60 feet.

Stage 1, Green Balls

The final stage, before the kid graduates to the standard tennis ball, is marked by a green color. Players aged 11 to 12 fit this class.

Unlike the two previous stages, stage one balls are approved for a standard length tennis court. These balls register a slightly reduced bounce height as the adult tournament-style ball.

Special Consideration

The repetitive swinging of the arm at times results in a tennis elbow. The condition is characterized by discomfort in the elbow, wrist and sometimes the forearm.

So if you are choosing tennis balls for such a player, then it is preferable to settle for a special tennis ball for such a class. These significantly reduce the impact of the balls and thus arm friendly.


In the beginning, choosing the best tennis balls may seem to be complicated. But if you take your time and go through the guide as outlined, the task simplifies.

First, decide on whether you are shopping for an adult or a child. Next, know what suits you between pressurized and non-pressurized balls.

Then, narrow down by identifying the skill or quality level of tennis balls you want.  Is it a recreational, championship, or professional?

Lastly know the type of court where you will be playing the ball. If you take your time to synchronize the requirement, you will boost your game significantly.

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