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Best Junior Tennis Racquets 2020 Review

Do you want your child to become the next tennis champ? Then you need to lay a solid foundation for such a youngster. Even as a toddler, providing the best junior tennis racquets boost her development and skills in the sport.

But choosing a good racquet my not be easy for every parent. So we have researched and narrowed it down to a couple of reputable brands of junior tennis racquets. Besides, this review also equips you with the right skills on how to go about your selection.

Do you know how to choose a racquet size that matches your child’s height? Stick to the end and you’ll benefit!

Best Junior Tennis Racquets Review

Hello Kitty Sports Junior Tennis Racquet

Getting the best tennis racket for a kid is important. Besides learning the sport, it aids the child’s development in the brain, eye, and hand coordination. Hello Kitty understands that clearly and designs tennis racquets for different ages.

To ensure that each child gets a racket that fits his age, the Kitty junior tennis racquets exist in 4 different sizes. That includes size, 19, 21, 23, and 25 inches in length. For example, the 19-inch tennis racquet size is good for 5-year-old kids and below.

Youngsters like bright colors. To make this children’s tennis racquet attractive, it incorporates a blend of pink and white color. Furthermore, it has an image of Hello Kitty stenciled on the strings. That makes it gorgeous and easy to identify.

Right from the package, it’s ready for play, as it is pre-strung. The junior 25 tennis racquet weighs 0.64ounces. The lightweight and short grip handle make it easy to maneuver around the wrist.

At the same time, it offers the junior players a standard play quality. Also, it features a cushioned grip that feels comfortable to the hands.


Sold as pre-strung racquet Lightweight and simple to maneuver Attractive Easy to identify by the hello Kitty image and trademark


Circumference of the grip seems to be big for a kid

HEAD Speed Kids Tennis Racquet

If you need the best kids tennis racquets, then pick from renowned companies. HEAD is one such manufacturer that has revolutionized tennis sport. With great attention to detail, it provides the modern era tennis racquets for kids. Your child, therefore, enjoys a solid starting platform.

The 25-inch tennis racquet employs the blue frame. This framework is made of light aluminum o beam construction. Although light, it’s very durable. Instead of breaking it, the junior player will use it till he outgrows the size.

To suit junior players of different ages and heights, Head speed makes junior tennis racquet of various sizes from 19 to 25inches. Such a range fits kids from 2 years to over 8years.

Thus if you are looking for the right tennis racket size for an 8-year-old, this makes a good consideration. In terms of height, it suits players of 50 to 55 inches tall.

The 25inch HEAD Speed Kids Tennis Racquet has a head size of 107square inches. Such a large head size is highly forgiving, thus boosting the child’s morale to play more. With its frame weight of 7.4oz, it won’t burden down the arm of the junior player.

Furthermore, it features a head light balance. Accordingly even a young player feels comfortable and stable to make a swing with this racket. Besides its grip size of 3.875 inches should fit most average hands.


It’s made of light and durable aluminum Boasts a head light balance Large and error forgiving head size of 107inches square Strung already


Strings are relatively stiff

Babolat Nadal 26

Is your child aspiring to be the next generations’ Raphael Nadal? Then you need to lay a solid foundation for him. Accordingly, Babolat Nadal 26 makes a good consideration. Its overall quality positions it as one of the best youth tennis rackets.

To excel in a field, footsteps of the professionals who have excelled before you count. That’s where Raphael Nadal Branded racquet comes in. It brings in proven quality.

The frame is made of aluminum material. Subsequently, that contributes significantly to its 8.06 lightweight.

For an entry-level player, the Babolat 26 inch tennis racquet is easy to swing. But although it’s light, it’s durable enough to outlast the training period. Moreover, the cushioned grip handle makes it child-friendly.

Training juniors still have poor aiming skills. To encourage them in the sport and make it interesting, Babolat Nadal 26 boasts 105inches square. The youngster is therefore much unlikely to miss a hit.

Considering its length and the grip size of 4inches it suits a child of 9 to 11years. As for the height it covers players who are about 5 inches tall. With a blend of yellow and black color, most kids will find this appealing.


It boasts an ultra-lightweight Replicates the Raphael Nadal’s Aero pure Error forgiving head Popular owing to its durability and performance ability Pre-strung Package includes a racquet cover


Doesn’t support competitive level play

Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet

Wilson doesn’t just excel in designing adult tennis pieces equipment, but children as well. Being an official ball of the US Open and having partnered with USTA, you can attest to its quality.

This jr tennis racquet boasts an aluminum material. That brings in lightness without compromising durability. It, therefore, promises to handle the occasional drops and carelessness of the young players.

Children grow fast. To cater to each stage, Wilson provides this racquet in different lengths of 21, 23, and 25 inches. But to make size selection less tedious, the manufacturer avails a size chart guide.

Besides, it also provides two variations of colors. That is a racket combining orange and blue or yellow and green. It thus accommodates the interest and heights of many children. Accordingly, it counts as one of the best junior tennis racquets.

The use of aluminum material makes the racquet light and boosts its playability. Besides varying in lengths, the three racquets also differ in head sizes. For instance, the 21inch, 23inch, and 25inch have the head sizes of 92, 95, and 106sq inch respectively.

Remember, the larger the head size of a racquet, the more error forgiving it is. Consequently, the variation in head size matches the accuracy that older kids require. For instance, the head size of 105sq inches is highly forging thus fitting a toddler.


Affordable and provides good playability Uses light but durable aluminum material a short grip handle, thus easy to twist or maneuver the wrist features vibrant colors easy to swing by juniors


Has no racquet case

Babolat Kid’s Nadal 19

Has your child developed keen interest in tennis? Does he ever talk of pro players like Nadal? You can fuel his interest in the game by giving him a child’s tennis racquet. Better still not just any racket, but one that replicates Nadal’s.

Babolat Kid’s Nadal 19 provides a head start for such children. The 19-inch tennis racquet is ideal for kids aged 5 years and below. It makes a great outdoor toy for recreational purposes. Unlike the adult racquet used in a standard tennis court, this fits a 36feet court.

With a black cushioned grip, a string bed that mixes yellow and black color, this junior racquet truly reflects Nadal’s favorite. To blend and be like a child’s racquet, it possesses a big head size. Such an area gives a young player a large room for error.

At the same time, it’s made of aluminum frame and a short handle grip. Subsequently, that makes Babolat Kid’s Nadal 19 lightweight and easy to maneuver at the wrist by a child.

Right from the package, you won’t have to waste any time on the tennis equipment. That’s because it features the pre-string design.


Design and shaped to be like the famous Rafael Nadel Pre-strung Light and simple for a child to handle Large racquet head Complete with a Babolat tennis wrap


High price

Wilson Junior Burn

For a junior tennis player that has mastered the basic skills, Wilson Junior Burn is the racquet to use. Do you know what makes it cool? The Wilson Junior Burn is available in four different lengths.

The 19inch racquet has a head size of 80sq inches. Besides it boast a string bed pattern of 16 x 15. Consequently, it’s ideal for a junior that can generate power in each hit and hit the sweet spot without missing it so much.

Its 21-inch tennis racket variation boasts a head size of 90sqinches. As for the string pattern, it employs a 16 x 16. Considering that it is 6.2ounces light it should be easy to swing without strain. A kid who wishes to master a consistent hit of the sweet spot will find this ideal.

Except for the length, the 23 and 25 inches Wilson junior burn racquets have the same head size and string pattern. If you need to generate more power from the baseline, then this is the equipment to own.

Not everyone has the basics of how to choose the right tennis racquet for a child. To aid such parents, Wilson provides a size chart guide. Are you looking for a girls’ tennis racquet? Considering its white grip handle, a pink frame with black traces, it fits young girls.


Available in lengths of 19 to 25inches Aids in the training of a child to be accurate in her hits Light and durable aluminum frame Has a size chart guide


Some kids may struggle with the racquet’s weight

Babolat-Pure Strike Junior 25

Have you ever felt the playability of adult size Babolat-Pure Strike? This tennis stick is exactly the same as its adult replica, except its 2 inches smaller. The 25 inches junior tennis racquet even replicates the same racquet technologies used in the standard version.

Subsequently, if you need the equipment that gives the young player a true taste of the tournament standard racquet, it fits the bill. It hence forms the best youth tennis racket for an advancing teen.

Its construction employs superior engineering skills to improve your game. It combines the frame sting interaction technology, a blend of elliptical and square shapes.

That results in a stick with a balanced feel, very responsive, and supports you to make accurate shots. No wonder it’s famous among junior 25 tennis rackets.

With a graphite composition grip type, you get to enjoy lightweight and power to make powerful shots. Even amidst the heated game, you won’t worry about the grip the 25 tennis racquet offers. Thanks to the Babolat skin feel feature. It is available in two grip sizes; 4 and 4 1/8 inches.

Owing to the graphite composition and the evenly balanced weight, this stick won’t transmit much vibration to your arms. Its head size of 100sq inches is adequate for junior tennis players.

For extra protection, the package gives you a racquet case. And as a bonus, it also adds you Babolat synthetic gut 16 gauge string at mid tension.


Provides a true taste of the tournament quality racquet Strong and comfortable graphite composition Offers Babolat skin feel grip type Evenly distributed weight Features a blend of grey, white and orange colors


Expensive but worth the price

Street Tennis Club Tennis Rackets for Kids

Besides rolling the child on the road to being the next champ, training Skeeps the youngster physically fit. The age of the youngster doesn’t matter. Street Tennis Club designs Child size tennis rackets for all age distribution. The racquets exist in three distinct lengths; 17, 19, and 21 inches.

The beginner level racquet is the 21-inch tennis racquet. A toddler aged 2 to 5 years finds this racquet easy to handle. This should be a young player whose height falls within the range of 30 to 45 inches. This tennis racquet for 3-year-olds makes a solid starting point for toddlers.

Once the child outgrows the 21inch stick, then she can advance to the 19inch racket. It’s designed by Street Tennis Club to fit children from 5 to 7 years of age. It hence makes the ideal choice for a child standing 40 to 55 inches tall. This should be the perfect tennis racket size for 6 years old kid.

Lastly, the 17-inch racquet fits players of ages 7 to 9 years and stands 50 to 55 inches tall. Therefore, if you are hunting for the tennis racket size for a 9-year-old, it’s the correct size to pick.

All these Street Tennis Club Tennis Rackets for Kids boasts top aluminum quality frame. So each stroke the child makes feels light and provides easy control.

At the same time by using thick gauge string, these rackets make easy contact with the ball. For the color-conscious group, the club offers the ball in three different colors.


Light, durable and easy to control by even a two-year-old Package includes free video game Wide choice of colors Thick and long-lasting strings Covers wide age range for 2 to 9 plus years


Expensive than most models, but the reward justifies the price

Babolat-2018 Pure Drive 26

Except for its length, Babolat-2018 Pure Drive 26 replicates the full-size pure drive racquet. Thus it provides a foretaste of the real league level racket. By blending black, blue, and white, it offers a unique appearance.

Its head size of 100sqinches should generate enough power even when serving from the baseline. Considering its weight of 8.08oz and length of 26 inches, it shouldn’t be difficult to maneuver by a player aged 8 to 12 years.

Its graphite composition frame is rigid. Subsequently, it aids in making far-reaching and precise shots. The graphite and Evo beam technology cut down on vibration registering on the arms. As a result, it reduces the chances of developing elbow tennis.

The 100sq inches head incorporates free moving strings. Thus it features a wide sweet spot. At the same time, this 26-inch tennis racquet is available in dual grip sizes of 4 and 4 1/8 inches. And when you have finished your training, keep the racquet in the provided cover.


Dual grip sizes Features Evo beam technology It has racket cover Manageable weight Pre-strung


Relatively stiff

Babolat-2018 Pure Drive 26 Junior Tennis Racquet-()

Has your junior player has gathered the basics of tennis sports and looking forward to an adult tournament racket? To qualify for the standard adult racquets used by pros, Babolat-2018 Pure Drive provides the best training stick.

Actually, it almost replicates the adult pro version including the racquet technologies employed in its design. Except that it’s an inch smaller thus fits the junior players’ age 8 to 12 years. This Babolat junior tennis racquet, therefore, equips the child for an easy transition to the adult level.

The 26-inch tennis racquet boasts a head size of 100sq inches. At the same time, it uses the woofer technology. As a result that widens the sweet spot size at a tension of 46 to 52 pounds.

At this junior stage, mastering ball control is crucial. So Babolat employs special beam thickness. That matches with a string pattern of 16 x 19 to reduce torque impact and increase the racquet’s responsiveness. Furthermore, it employs the rigid elliptic geometrical frame and hence offers more power and control.

The entire 26-inch tennis racquet’s frame boasts graphite composition. To further cut down on vibration the Babolat junior racket taps on the shaft vibration dampening system.

Considering that this Babolat youth tennis racket also employs Babolat Syntec Pro grip type, it guarantees you good grip and reduced chances of developing tennis elbow.


Factory strung Light and good grip handle Ideal for players 8 to 12 with basic skills in the sport and are proceeding to the advanced stage Minimizes vibrations Complete with a racquet cover


High price but delivers in the court

Wilson Serena Williams Junior Tennis Racquet

You can begin training your child to acquire tennis-playing skills as early as 3 years. For the right choice of tennis racquet for 3-year-olds, Wilson Serena Williams Junior is the way to go. To induce the kids into the game, Wilson designs the racquets in four different bright colors; yellow, pink, blue, and purple.

At such a tender age, the kid can’t generate great power. Therefore, the jr tennis rackets employ an open string pattern. For each swing the child makes, the open string pattern boosts its power and spin.

To further suit the tender age Wilson taps on the O-beam frame technology in this design. Accordingly, each swing a child takes on the ball feels light and comfortable. Besides, the Wilson junior racket as a comfortable cushioned grip.

Right from the package, this tennis stick requires no further adjustment. That’s because it’s packed pre-strung from the factory. Not everyone has the experience in choosing the right racket. That’s why the manufacturer provides a junior tennis racket size guide.


Brightly colored Great power and spin Cushioned grip Pre-strung


Has no case

Babolat B Fly 23

The correct placement of hands when gripping a racquet matters a lot. Consequently, the Babolat B Fly 23 features grip indicators. Accordingly, that results in a comfortable feeling.

With a racquet length of 23 inches, this Babolat fit kids of age bracket 7 to 9 years. Its frame construction features top quality aluminum. It thus makes the racket 6.9oz light but durable to withstand a child’s negligence.

The 23inch tennis racket makes ideal playing equipment for kids with heights of 45 to 49 inches. Its grip size of 3-3/4inches accommodates 2 hand placements comfortably. Added to the fact that it features grip indicators, holding the Babolat B Fly 23 racket by two hands is easy.

From kids view angle, visual appeal counts. Therefore to fulfill such a desire, this tennis stick blends black and purple colors. Added to the fact that the package provides for a racquet cover, your kid will quickly take to it.

When looking for the right tennis racket size for children aged 7, 8, or 9 years old, this Babolat B Fly 23 meets the requirement. Furthermore, the racket is sold pre-strung. So you can quickly begin your training once you receive it.


Graduated to aid in proper hand placement Made of aluminum thus feels 6.9oz light and manageable by a 7-year-old Ha an appealing blend of colors Made by a reputable company


Has high price

How to Choose Good Junior Tennis Racquets

Do you want your junior to grasp tennis game skills? Then, you’ve got to provide the best junior tennis racquets. Compared to the adult rackets, these aren’t so complicated to select.

With that said, here are the crucial features to take into account

Racquet Length Vs. Childs Height

Racket size is a fundamental consideration for your child to enjoy tennis. Specifically, we are talking about the length. That is the height from the base of the grip to the tip of the head.

To choose the correct racquet length, the child’s height matters. Fortunately, most companies provide tennis racket sizes chart to ease your selection.

Accordingly, the standard lengths include 19, 21, 23, 25, and 26 inches. That covers juniors from under 5 to 12 years of age. So provided you know the age and height of your child, using the chart guide should be easy.

However, to further simplify your selection, below is a simple test you can carry out:

Racquet Length Test

Nothing annoys like buying an oversize racquet. Sample out racquets of different lengths from a friend or visit the store.

Let the child stand tall with the feet flat to the ground. Let him hold each racquet at time, flattened to his side. Make sure the kid holds to the base of the grip while the head points directly down.

Observe where the tip of the racquet reaches. It will fall into any of the following:

Extra Long

If the tip touches the ground comfortably, then it means the racquet is too long to fit the child. Your junior won’t find it easy to swing it. Besides, the youngster won’t locate the sweet spot easily in each hit.

Extremely Short

On the other hand, if the racket tip just hangs above the ankle bone, then it’s extremely short. A short length means inadequate leverage and thus less power.

Furthermore, such a jr tennis racket encourages miss-hits.  That’s because the sweet spot would be very close to the hand.

Correct Length

So how do you know it’s the ideal length for your child? It should barely touch the ground. The racquet tip shouldn’t leave more than an inch of space from the ground.

Grip Size

Having gotten the length right, next consider grip size. That refers to the circumference of the area where you wrap your fingers.

The correct racket grip size allows the child to hold the stick without straining. The adult tennis racquets are available in various grip sizes. However, when it comes to a children’s tennis racquet, manufacturers mostly feature 4 inches.

Most kids will find the 4-inch size ideal. But if it feels small in your hands, then you can increase its circumference by adding a layer of an overgrip. It thickens the grip by about 1/16 of an inch.

Note that it’s easy to increase the grip size than decreasing it without affecting its feel. So, in case you can’t find the ideal size for your child, choose a slightly lower thickness.

Racket Quality

Everyone wishes for quality equipment. Tennis racquets are no exception. However, the quality and thus material used in the frame only becomes extra significant as the young player advances in years and experience.

Here is the breakdown in quality for different racquet inches and age groups:

19 And 21-Inch Racquets

The 19 and 21 inches 21-inch tennis rackets target beginners. On average they fit players of height about 3 feet. Most of the racquet in these a group feature two-piece design. That is they incorporate glass fiber and plastic.

Such a choice of materials is adequate considering the players’ tender ages. Besides according to USTA they will be using red roam or red felt ball. Consequently, you don’t require extra sturdiness.

23 Inch Racquets

23-inch tennis rackets are ideal for players of heights 3 to 4 feet tall. These juniors have significant strength. As such, settle for one piece designed racquets. It should feature aluminum or graphite composition.

Such a design boosts speed, control and provides a long life to the tennis equipment too. But if your child adores the sport and plays frequently, then you may have to dig deeper into your pocket and go for an extra durable option.

25 and 26 Inch Racquets

These are racquets used by advancing juniors players of average height 4 to 5 feet. Consequently, you need to pay attention to durability as you would when choosing an adult-sized racket. Accordingly, go for the equipment that feels sturdy and also mimics adult racquet technologies.


Although it may not be a serious factor to an adult, color counts for children. Most kids adore bright images. A blend of two lively colors will make a racquet more adorable to a junior player

Idolizes a Player

Once a junior player has learned the basic skill in the sport, he may have one or two professional players he looks up to. It’s hence common to find junior tennis racquets branded with international players like Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer. You can boost the player’s interest in the sport by securing a brand he idolizes.


Your youngster requires the best junior racquets as a springboard to success. That’s why we provide the best brands including Wilson, Babolat, and Head. Why gamble with the future of your child?

Are you stranded about choosing the right racquet length? Our guide provides it all. You can never go wrong. Having known your child’s height and age revisit the review and pick on what suits him /her!

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