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Babolat Boost Drive Tennis Racquet Review

Are you an aspiring tennis player in his foundational stages? While still learning, you might be struggling to make far-reaching shots. At the same time, hitting the sweet spot consistently might be a challenge. But it’s understandable.

However, if you wish to learn quickly, then you need good tennis racquets for beginners. Such a piece of equipment has all its features tilted towards your advantage. One such viable choice is the Babolat Boost Drive Tennis Racquet.

Features and Specifications

Forgiving Head Size

First, it offers you a large head of 105sq inches. When compared with Babolat 2018 Pure Aero Lite, Babolat Boost drive is bigger. Accordingly, it fits players who are at the very basic entry-level of tennis playing.

With the head covering a big area, the sweet spot also enlarges. Therefore, that encourages you to make consistent hit at the center without missing.

Standard Racquet Length

Although the equipment targets inexperienced players, it gives you a standardized racket size just like the Prince Textreme Tour 100T (2015). With its length of 27 inches, reaching out to groundstrokes is easier. You won’t have to stoop so low. At the same time, when your opponent hits the ball high, you still have good leverage.

Full Graphite Composition

The entire frame of this tennis equipment is fully graphite. For that reason, it feels 9.2oz light. Despite such lightness, graphite composition pumps in tangible durability to the racket. That means once you buy it for your child if he takes good care of it, he can use it till he outgrows the beginner stage and advances to the intermediate skill level.

The Good

Easy to Maneuver

At this lower skill level, young players require rackets that do not strain the muscles. Babolat, therefore, takes that into account and delivers the play equipment that weighs just 9.2 ounces.

Thus, even a player of around ten years finds it trouble-free to swing such weight without feeling more weight on his muscles.  It thus allows you to react swiftly and return the ball.

Ideal for Making Far-Reaching Shots

As an inexperienced player, one of the basic skills that you have to learn is to make powerful shots at the ball. To make that easier to accomplish, the Babolat Boost Drive boasts two distinguishing features. Its large head aids in making shots that reach your opponent’s baseline.

Moreover, it features a head-heavy balance. With the head being 3 points heavy, a slight tap on the ball gives it high momentum. So you don’t have to use much effort. But if you need a slightly longer racquet with a head-heavy balance, then check on Wilson Hyper Hammer.

Employs Woofer Technology

In addition to the large head and the head-heavy balance, Babolat also employs the Woofer system technology in this beginner racquet. Even though the frame is stationary, the string features a slight movement allowance. Accordingly, it offers more time for interacting with the tennis ball. The result is that it imparts more power to the ball.

Ready to Play

Right from unpacking the Babolat Boost Drive, it’s set for a play. It’s already strung from the factory. That means you won’t have to incur additional expense or wasting more time. Simply pick and unravel the fun at the tennis court.

Fancy Appearance

A racket that employs vibrant colors is easy to spot. Accordingly, when you have such equipment, you stand out from the rest of the players. Babolat doesn’t lag regarding its appearance. It employs a combination of blue and black colors on its head frame.

A white overgrip finally nails its attractiveness. With such a color combination, you can easily pair it with different tennis shoes and attire. Accordingly you can then make a bold appearance at the court.

Comfortable Grip

At the handle, this racquet boasts a white overgrip. Moreover, it employs a graphite composition. Graphite contributes to significant dampening. When you combine it to the soft overgrip, you get a racquet that feels friendly to the arms.

From the features described above, when you have the right choice of racket as Babolat Boost Drive, learning tennis should be trouble-free and enjoyable. You can begin your practice by ticking on the button below;


The Bad

The vast features provided by this racquet make the tennis game enjoyable for inexperienced players. However, it has a few drawbacks mentioned below.

Ideal for Entry Level Players Only

When you are just starting in the sport and green, you’ll find Babolat Boost Drive beneficial. But after a while, having learned the foundational skills and ready to move to the intermediate level, you’ll realize you need to upgrade to a better racquet.

Slight Strain On the Arms

Although the frame is 3 points heavy on the head and boosts the ball’s momentum, it could be a drawback to a few individuals. Such a weight distribution may make you register a slight strain on your arms. But that doesn’t worry everyone, it all sums down to an individual’s preference.

Picks up Sweat Easily

After playing for sometimes, your hands are likely to sweat. When that occurs, the white overgrip easily picks up the sweat and thus tarnish it colors. However, that shouldn’t be a big worry compared to its outstanding benefits.

Who Is It For?

If you are making an entrance to the sport, then this is the product to pick. Its large head with expanded sweet spot is highly forgiving. Besides, it allows you to generate more power and thus hit the ball from the baseline past the net effortlessly. So, if you need power in every shot, look no more than the Babolat Boost Drive.


To learn a sport, you need the right foundation. As a young tennis player, Babolat gives you all that you require to learn the ropes of the game quickly. It packs graphite composition, forgiving head, standardized length, and woofer technology for making powerful shots. So, if you need a firm and sure foundation of horning your skills, then grab the Babolat Boost Drive through the button below;


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