6 Best Tennis Overgrips 2020 Review

Playing tennis in a hot and humid environment forces the hands to sweat profusely. To an ordinary racquet handle, that means a decrease in grip power and thus poor control.

Consequently, you can lose a game that you could otherwise win. Besides the discomfort in your hands leads to painful swellings

Some resort to trading between racquets. But the pros solve the problem with the best tennis overgrips. That provides dual benefits; reliable grip even when the hands get sweaty and enhanced cushion form hard impacts. And do you know the end result? The complete control and feel of the game

So here are such tennis overgrips to consider:

Best Tennis Overgrips Review

Wilson Pro Overgrip Comfort – 3 Pack

Wilson is a seasoned company in tennis accessories. Thus it understands the importance of a good tennis overgrip. And it intergrates those features in Wilson Pro Overgrip Comfort – 3 Pack.

Even the packaging says it all about the company. It gives a pack of 3 overgrips. And remember each features a stretchy nature. Each measures 0.55mm thick, 50 inches long and 27mm in width. So the 3 pack can wrap several sets of tennis racquet handles.

To provide a complete wrapping work, the package provides Wilson grip tape. Therefore after covering the racquet handle with the overgrip, seal the final end with the tape for a professional image.

After doing the next thirty or so minutes will be very comfortable. As the game intensifies and sweat accumulates, you have no worry. A few minutes of break, and your grip is good as the first time. Your mastery and control of the game remain unaffected, why? The Wilson ultra-wrap absorbs sweat and provides a tacky texture.

At the same time, the wrap provides a good cushion to your hands. Hence you won’t feel the hard impact on your hands. So, playing from the baseline or volleys becomes comfortable to your hands. You won’t develop any blisters, thanks to the Wilson grip.

Even the appearance of a racquet matters. So the Wilson Pro Overgrip Comfort comes in 7 colors. That includes yellow, green orange, pink, silver, white, and burn orange. Accordingly, you can easily get a Wilson profile overgrip that matches your racquet.

Wrapping it is very simple. First, you identify one side which has a clear tape. It prevents the overgrip from sticking to itself. Remove the transparent tape and press that side to the handle. Then wrap it carefully leaving a good overlap. And when you are done, crown it with the finishing tape.


No slippage even when hands begin to sweat Has good sweat absorbent ability Durable Available in a wide choice of colors Simple and quick to wrap


The sealing tape should have been more elastic

Tourna Tac 10 Pack Tacky Feel Tennis Grip

Each tennis player has his style that calls for a specific racquet design. However, comfort and good grip ability is a requirement that cuts across everyone. So do you have a racket with an extra-long handle? Length is no obstacle to getting the best tennis racquet grip. Tourna Tac provides a solution.

Its package offers 10 tennis racket overgrips. To cater for extra length, the wraps feature extra-long size. So even if you feel you have the longest racket it will be sufficient. At the same time, it gives you 10 tennis overgrip tape. Therefore after the wrapping job you can seal it with the tape and prevent the overgrip from coming off.

Are you worried about finding a color that blends with your racquet? That’s no problem because Tourna Tac overgrips are available in four different colors. That includes black, blue, pink, and white.

This Tourna Tac isn’t like most tennis overwraps that get slippery when the hands get wet. Instead, as perforations accumulate, it produces a soft sticky texture. Subsequently instead of backing the sweat to your hands, it absorbs them but still maintains its gripping ability. That makes it one of the best overgrip for sweaty hands.

Moreover, once wrapped on the racket’s handle, it forms a slightly thick layer. Consequently, that absorbs more moisture and cushions your palms too. Accordingly, those hard serves won’t be unbearable.

Due to its good gripping ability, this Tourna Tac 10 Pack wrap finds alternative uses. You can use it for the same purpose in games like badminton, ping pong, and squash. With its weight of 0.16ounce, it adds insignificant weight to the racquet.


Available in economical packs of 10 Features extra-long length It has many alternative uses Thick and highly absorbent Doesn’t get slippery even when wet


Has no marking to make it easier to differentiate top from underside

Gamma Supreme Overgrip

Are you looking for the best overgrip for your tennis racquet? Then give Gamma Supreme a chance. Instead of switching rackets from on tennis session to session, Gamma withstands long hours of play.

Having been made of sweat-absorbent material, it supports extra dry and smooth feel. But even though it’s absorbent, Gamma Supreme Overgrip maintains extra tackiness from start to the end of the game.

Besides that, it’s made of the material that feels soft to the hands. So instead of your palms meeting vibrations, it absorbs such discomforts. Its soft and sturdy nature promises its long life of use.

Do you have a racket that can’t fit your palms snugly? A few wraps of this Gamma Supreme Overgrip is all you need, for a comfortable base. Besides, the package is complete with the right tennis racquet handle tape. Thus you don’t have to make any additional purchase.

For the color-conscious group, your interest hasn’t been left behind. With orange, pink, gray, black, and white as your color options you can’t miss your racket match.


Complete with tennis racket tape Provides a comfortable base for the palm Highly sweat absorbent and thus fits long hours of play Good for extra-long racquets


When over-exposed to the harsh elements of weather, its color fades

Tourna Grip XL Original Dry Feel Tennis Grip

Do you play tennis in a hot and humid environment? Ever felt your hands getting wet and becoming slippery? With Tourna Grip XL Original Dry Feel Tennis Grip, it doesn’t have to be so.

When you wrap it on the tennis racket handle, at first it presents the dry feel. But as the game heightens, and the sweats increases, the more tacky feeling you get from this Tourna Grip XL. So instead of suffering slippage, your grip only increases.

Besides, this tennis wrap features a moisture-wicking material. So it happily absorbs the perspiration from your hands. Hence this makes it the ideal wrap to use in warm, hot, and humid surroundings.

The 10 pack is very economical as it also comes with 10 strips of grippiest grip tape. With a total weight of 2.4ounces for 10 strips, it presents a very lightweight. So it will add insignificant weight to your racquet. Thus it doesn’t affect its balance.  Alternatively, it’s also sold in packages of 2, 3, 10, 30 and 50.

Since the package provides both a tape and wrap strip, it’s complete. Moreover, it’s also very easy to use since it is angled at both ends. You don’t require any previous knowledge. Each tennis overgrip has a good length and thus fits even the racket with the longest handle.

Apart from being used on a tennis racket, it also finds similar alternative use. In other words, you can use it to maintain a fine grip on the racquets used in ping pong, badminton, and golf.


Begins as a dry feel but the tackiness increases as you sweat Has moisture-wicking ability Simple top identify in its light blue color; for the 10pack Complete with 10 grip tapes Available in different package sizes


During replacement, it doesn’t come out smoothly from the handle; leaves traces

Gamma Sports Tennis Racquet Ultra Cushion Replacement Grips

If you need the best tennis replacement grip with extra-long life, then Gamma Sports Tennis Racquet Ultra Cushion fits the description. Do you know why? Unlike other wraps that use polyurethane, it boasts leather material.

If you have ever tried playing tennis while wearing gloves, then that’s the feeling these wraps registers. The leather material withstands long hours of play. Once you have laid the tennis wrap on a racket’s handle, you feel its textured surface. Consequently, that adds to its extra gripping ability.

The package also provides you with grip tape for tennis racquets. Besides, the grip tape is sticky and stretches. Consequently, it makes a good sealing tape and leaves a professional finishing after the wrap job.

Considering its weight of 0.8ounces, it won’t overburden your precious racket. At the same time, it comes out of the packet, precut so you won’t have to go through any trimming exercise. That simplifies the process of how to regrip a tennis racquet.


Extra durable life; leather Possesses the textured surface The grip tape is elastic and sticky, thus easy to use Doubles as palm cushioning material Provides durability even with long hours of play Leaves no residue in your hands


Cutting the wrap at the right angle for a smooth end finish is somehow tricky

YONEX Super GRAP 30-Pack Racket Grips

The YONEX Super GRAP 30 employs the polyurethane materials to make a super tennis grip cover. Every tennis player delights a racket whose handle and head match in color. Therefore YONEX offers you 10 different colors, a wide option indeed.

It comes in 2 sets of 15 grips that provide a total of 30 grips. Each tennis overgrip set measures 0.6mm thick, 1200mm long and 25mm wide. That makes it very economical and thus preventing the frequent purchase.

The unique feature of this YONEX tennis wrap is its high sweat absorption ability. Owing to its thickness, it provides sufficient cushioning of your palms from hard hits too. Its rubbery texture on the other hand provides good traction on the handle.

When you wrap it over the racket’s handle, it enhances the grip ability and hence improving the playability of your racquet. Besides it wicks moisture from your hands. Owing to its efficiency in improving traction, YONEX Super GRAP finds alternative uses. Literally, you can wrap it over any racquet as in badminton, squash, and even golf.


Doesn’t bleed color onto your hands Thin and light in weight Available in 10 different colors Improved traction using a rubbery textured surface Has moisture absorbing ability


White color gets dirt very fast

How to Choose Good Tennis Overgrips

There are many benefits to reap from overgrips. Whether it’s providing cushion, increasing your grip, absorbing the sweat or all, the benefits are very many. But how should you go about choosing the best tennis overgrips?

Here are the steps to follow;

Know the Types of Tennis Overgrips Available

You can only choose the best tennis overwraps if you the available option. With that said, here are the most common ones

Tacky Overgrips

As its names suggest, these are tennis wraps that have a sticky feeling. Consequently, you don’t have to use a lot of effort to maintain your grip on the racket. It almost feels like it’s naturally glued to your hands.

Accordingly, tacky overgrips allow you to be in full control and command grip of the racket. However, the degree of the tackiness of an overgrip varies from model to model. But you can enjoy about 20 hours of tacky feeling before it deteriorates to a non-desirable level.


These are overgrips that possess the superior moisture-wicking ability. So if you realize that your hands tend to sweat a lot during the game, then absorbent tennis wraps are the best for you.

By absorbing the sweat from your hands, these overgrips prevent slippage of the racket. Accordingly, they make the best choice to use in a hot and humid weather.

Replacement Grips

Unlike overgrips that are applied on top of the existing wrap, replacement grips are wrapped directly on the handle of the tennis racquet. The major difference between the two is that replacement grips are thicker than overgrips.

Accordingly, they take a long time before wearing out. On the other hand, overgrips are easy to place on your racket handle within minutes. However, they wear out comparatively faster.

What’s the Weather Where You Will be Playing the Most?

The atmospheric condition on where you will be playing also dictates the best tennis wrap to use. For instance, if the weather is hot and humid, then an absorbent tennis overgrip is best. As high temperature increases the rate of sweating, you need the best overgrip for sweaty hands.


Remember as you wind the grip on the racquet, it increases its thickness. So before choosing the right tennis overwrap, know how well your racket fits your palms. If it feels slightly loose, then a thick wrap would be ideal.

Otherwise, if it has just the right size for your palm, then go for the thinnest wrap which won’t add significant thickness to your racquet.


Every player would wish to get the best performance out of his or her overgrip. If that applies to you too, then go durability counts. Although eventually, each will deteriorate in performance, it should provide you with long hours of play.


Although it’s really not a big issue color still counts. Who wouldn’t wish to provide his racquet an overwrap that complements its look? At the same time as sweat builds up, it gets absorbed onto the wrap. Thus depending on the choice of color, the overgrip may present a disgusting look quickly.

Should You Buy a Large or Small Package?

Tennis racquet wraps are available in different packs. For instance it common to find packs of 2, 10, 30, or even 50 wraps. Generally, large packages tend to be economical to buy. At the same time, you won’t have to visit the shop frequently.

Besides, when you have many racquets it makes more sense to go for the large package. However when you are working under a budget, it isn’t a crime to settle for the small pack.


The fact is you need the best tennis overgrip to enhance your pliability. Why should you develop blisters on your hands when we have soft and cushioning tennis wraps? To help you out we have presented a variety to you here.

At the same time, even a slippage that occurs once can cost you a game. Before that happens coat your racquet handle with a tacky wrap. It guarantees you a good feel and control of the game; a requirement of winning a game.

And if you are just getting into tennis playing, the guide helps you to pick the right tennis racquet overgrip.

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