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16 Best Tennis Racquets for Beginners Review

If you are trying to play tennis as a beginner, it is important to have the right equipment. Aside from the shoes and apparel, you also need to invest in the right tennis racquet.

Choosing the right one can be a bit tricky. For a beginner, it’s a common suggestion to choose a racquet that has a large head size. This allows you to hit the center easier considering that you are still learning the game. Also, since you are expected to play tennis for hours, you want something that is also lightweight. This means that your arms won’t get tired easily. And of course, you also want to get a racquet that fits your hand size perfectly.

These days, there are a variety of products that can be considered the best tennis racquets for beginners. Here are some options that you might want to check.

Best Tennis Racquets for Beginners Review

HEAD Ti S6 Tennis Racket Pre-Strung Head Heavy Balance 27.75 Inch

The HEAD Ti S6 Racket is a good option for beginners to intermediate level practitioners. It can easily be one of the best lightweight tennis rackets in the market today for several good reasons.

Given its length, it gives you more coverage as you swing for the ball. It is a good tennis racket for beginner mainly because of the head-heavy design of the HEAD Ti S6 Tennis Racket. It means that it can maximize your force as the ball comes in contact with the racket.

Plus, the size of the head measures 115 square inches which means that you have a much larger space where the ball is going to hit. As for its material, it makes use of both titanium and graphite allowing the user to have a racket that can last for years to come.

If you are looking for the best tennis rackets for women, then the HEAD Ti S6 could be a strong candidate. However, you might want to replace the string with a higher quality string. The one that comes with this item won’t last especially if you are planning to play consistently.


Lightweight design Large head High-quality materials used in the actual tennis racket


Bad quality strings

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung

The Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung is easily an ideal Wilson beginner tennis racquet. It has been designed to give users the power to maximize their swings. It has an oversized head to give beginners the chance to hit the ball at the right spot. The head measures 110 square inches which makes it easier for the beginners to hit a moving target.

Also, though it has a lightweight design, it has a head-heavy balance generating the additional force on your swings. However, if you are going to compare the design of the Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 model, it isn’t as head-heavy as other previous designs.

The usual concern when using this tennis racket beginner is that it doesn’t have a good grip wrap. You’ll most likely feel the vibration as you hit the ball. And because of this, you will feel the tension on your arms especially the day after your session.

However, overall, it can still be considered as one of the best beginner tennis racquet options in the market, especially given its 27.5-inch measurement making it longer than your average tennis racket. This gives you the chance to catch the ball easier on all angles.


Good length for beginners Large head Head-heavy design Lightweight


User can feel the shock as it comes in contact with the ball

Babolat 2018 Pure Drive

The Babolat 2018 Pure Drive is a good option for a user looking for high-quality tennis racquet for beginners adults. Considered as the ideal Babolat beginner tennis racquet by some, however, it is also a popular option for intermediate and advanced players.

Compared to other tennis racquet beginner options the Babolat 2018 Pure Drive does a good job in reducing the vibration once the racket hits the ball. It has been integrated with SMAC which is a technology that can help absorb impact allowing the user to swing and not worry about their hands feeling the impact of their swing. This also teaches them to not hesitate when they swing hard on a tennis ball.

The Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racquet is also known for having a superior quality string that has been supervised by a USRSA Certified Master Racquet Technician. This guarantees the quality of the Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racquet for its users.

As for its specifications, it has a 100-square inch head which is a bit smaller than most beginner tennis rackets. And also, it has a head-light design that means you will have to swing harder to get the right force on the tennis ball.


Absorbs shock when swinging Durable materials used in construction High-quality string


Smaller head compared to most beginner tennis rackets


The Head Ti. S6 is a long tennis racket measuring 27 ¾”. It also has a head size of 115 square inches which easily puts it on top spot for best beginners tennis racquet options. It has become a popular tennis racquet for beginner adults simply because it is long, easy to hit, not to mention light and durable. The only thing that you might not like about this option is that it sounds a bit off. Even with a dampener, you typically get a ping when the ball hits the Head Ti . S6.

Because of the size of the head, you might even consider it as one of the best tennis racket for beginners upon initial inspection. However, if you are teaching beginners how to control the ball, then this isn’t something that you would like to keep. Though it offers power, it lacks control. Good beginner tennis racquets should promote both power and control to its user.

Also, you might encounter stress on your elbow since the vibration can be felt especially when you hit the ball hard.


Large head Helps generate power Longer than average tennis rackets


Stressful for the elbows

Babolat 2018 Pure Aero Lite

A lot of intermediate players consider the Babolat 2018 Pure Aero Lite as one of the best recreational tennis racquet options. It was an improved version of the racquet used by Raphael Nadal. This lightweight and more aerodynamic version has become a favorite by players serious about playing the game.

It has an even weight distribution that makes it easier for players to swing the racquet when playing. It also makes use of Babolat’s latest frame-string technology that gives players more control without losing power when they hit the ball. Plus, the string was done by USRSA Master Racquet Technicians that guarantee superior quality of this item.

You might want to look for other products if you are in the market for the best beginner tennis racket. The Babolat 2018 Pure Aero Lite is more for beginners transitioning towards becoming intermediate players. This racquet has a 100 square inch head which makes it harder to hit for a complete beginner.


Durable material Superior frame-string design Weight evenly distributed


Small head doesn’t fit novice players

Wilson Burn 100 Series

Whether you are looking for the best women’s beginner tennis racquet or something that your teenage son can use, the Wilson Burn 100 Series is easily a good pick for many good reasons. The Wilson Burn 100 Series is considered by many as the best tennis racquet beginner because of its modern design and technology. Its design can aid novice tennis players that are struggling with their swing.

This tennis racquet is made of high-grade carbon fiber that is known as a lightweight and durable material used on cars. Its stiffness allows the users to generate power with their swing. It is pre-strung designed to be arm-friendly minimizing vibration and discomfort during your sessions.

However, the pre-strung design is also the cause of some of its complaints. Some users complained about the fact that they need to readjust the strings constantly. And failure to adjust the strings result in loss of power in your shots as well.


Modern design Made of carbon fiber Lightweight


You have to readjust the strings constantly

Wilson Blade Team Tennis Racket

The Wilson Blade Team Tennis Racket can be one of the best tennis racquets for beginners trying to learn how to play aggressively. Made of graphite, it is known for its durability that can help give you the power that you want. However, if you are a beginner who hasn’t played tennis, then this might not be a good option for you. With a 99 square-inch head size, it might take some time to develop the skill to hit the right spot on your racquet.

Tennis players who already developed a bit of precision in their swing could take full advantage of this tennis racket. With its thin beams, you will notice that it is more for precision players or those who already have some idea on how to play tennis. And since the racket has an arm-friendly design, you may even use it consider it as a good female tennis racket. This allows users to play for hours with less stress on their arms.


Arm-friendly design Thin beams and aerodynamic features Made of graphite Designed to develop power and precision


Small head size

Wilson Clash 100

The Wilson Clash 100 is a highly versatile premium product. It can do wonders not only for beginners but also for seasoned tennis players as well. Unfortunately, consumers looking for the best budget tennis racquet should look somewhere else. This racquet is something that can cost above the $200 mark.

With its innovative design, the Wilson Clash 100 is known for its ability to bend. It made use of FreeFlex which is a proprietary carbon mapping that is responsible for allowing the tennis racquet to bend both horizontally and vertically. The reason behind this design is to provide enhanced feel as well as control for the user. Just how flexible is this racket? Manufacturers mentioned that it is 215% more flexible than the Babolat Pure Drive.

So is it a beginners tennis racket? In reality, it can be a beginner racket given its ability to maintain the power in your swings. The Clash with its StableSmart frame geometry gives users the chance to deliver as much power and accuracy despite the ball hitting off-center.


Flexible vertically and horizontally Carbon mapping technology Uses StableSmart frame Geometry


100-inch head size Expensive

Wilson Burn 100LS Tennis Frame Without Cover

Often, users experienced the lightest tennis racquet options to have compromised stability. This isn’t the case with the Wilson Burn 100 LS. It is said considered by experts as a beginner-friendly option especially for those who wants to hit hard.

The design for the Burn 100LS made use of parallel drilling technology which gives users a consistent string bed allowing the user to still have control of the ball even if it misses the sweet spot. This makes it such a good option for beginners despite only having a 100 square inch head size. It also offers a longer handle giving you better leverage to reach a ball faster. Plus with a narrow shaft, this can help beginners the chance to learn to switch grips decreasing the stress on your hands as you play.

It has a frame that is comparable to the Wilson Blade series. However, for those who are looking for better maneuverability, the Burn 100 LS is a better option. And also, because of its weight, it might be one of the best tennis racquet for female beginner. Here, a female novice tennis player won’t get stressed using the tennis racquet for long durations at a time.


A narrow shaft that allows the user to switch grips easier Consistent string bed Parallel drilling technology


Might be too light for first-timers

HEAD Graphene Extreme MP

The Head Extreme MP made use of graphene which is a lightweight and durable material that has become popular in the industry. Because of this, it offers maneuverability and stability without significantly decreasing the power as you hit the ball. It has a head-light design which makes it more of a good option for intermediate players rather than novice players. Also, if it is your first time, the head-size is only measured 100 square inches making it a bit of a struggle to get to the sweet spot.

The HEAD Graphene Extreme MP also doesn’t have the strings too tight allowing users to have better control once they hit the ball. Unfortunately, due to the strings, you will still notice that it does deplete the power to some extent.

But there are aspects of the HEAD Graphene Extreme MP that make it as one of the most popular tennis racquets for beginner adults. Primarily, you have its length. Measuring 27 inches, it gives you the chance to do groundstrokes better giving you additional leverage that you need.


Great maneuverability 27 inches in length giving you better groundstroke Made of graphene


Decreases the power

Head Graphene Touch Extreme Lite

The HEAD Graphene Touch Extreme Lite is the lightest version in the Extreme line. There are some changes made in this version of the Extreme racquets by HEAD. It features an oval head not to mention bright colors that stand out. The beam shape has also been updated giving users the spin that they need.

Graphene Touch Technology was added to offer durability without adding so much weight to the racquet. Expect the addition of Kraibon material into the frame allowing better shock absorption lessening discomfort during ball impact. Plus, you get 360 Spin Grommets that allow extra power to its user’s swings.

Head Graphene Touch Extreme Lite is 27 inches in length making it one of the nice tennis racquets that can help with your groundstrokes. And since it is lightweight, it gives maneuverability while the strings compensate to generate power for your swings.


Provides good groundstrokes Superior maneuverability Shock absorption feature


Harder to serve because of the lightweight design

Babolat Boost Drive

The Babolat Boost Drive is a good option for beginners as well as those young players that are looking to transition to an adult tennis racket size. For starters, it has a total length of 27 inches giving users the leverage when reaching for the tennis ball. It has a head size of 105 square inches, which means that it might be a bit small for someone who is just beginning to play tennis.

The good thing about the Babolat Boost Drive is that it is made of graphite making it durable and lightweight at the same time. If you are a fan of the Pure Drive series, Boost Drive may be a bit of a disappointment. To be able to reduce the price, there were a lot of technologies that the company decided to let go off in the Boost Drive.

When it comes to generating the power that you want, the strings can be adjusted from 50-55 pounds. However, don’t expect the Boost Drive to give the best power in your shots.


27 inches in length 105 square inch head size Adjustable strings Good transition tennis racquet for young players


Doesn’t generate powerful shots

HEAD MicroGel Radical

HEAD MicroGel Radical provides a unique experience for the player since it does a good job of distributing the impact throughout the entire frame. Microgel is a silicone-based material known for having the lowest density. And with this, it means that you will experience less strain on your hands.

The HEAD MicroGel Radical has two available head sizes. It comes with a 107 square inch version and a 98 square inch version. It means that if you are still trying to learn how to hit the sweet spot on your racquet, it’s a good idea that you go for the much larger HEAD MicroGel Radical. On the other hand, if you are trying to learn how to be more precise than how to hit hard, then you can stick with the smaller version of this racquet.

Unfortunately, you might notice the string to be a bit loose. You will need to have it restrung every now and then to be able to generate the force that you need for your swings. And since the frame is soft, users often experience the lack of power in their shots since the frame does a good job of absorbing the impact.


MicroGel absorbs the shock lessening stress on your arms Availability of different head sizes Provides stability in your shots


MicroGel lessens the power of your shots

Wilson Blade 98l 16×19 Limited Edition

Undeniably, the Blade series is a popular option among tennis enthusiasts. The Wilson Blade 98L 16×19 limited edition racquet is a good addition to this series given the fact that Wilson previously failed to come up with a lightweight option. Just like other Blade series racquets, the Wilson Blade 98L 16×19 Limited Edition carries a black and green aesthetics. However, this new model for the Blade series brings extra maneuverability because of its weight. This racquet only weighs around 10.6 oz (strung weight). This is why it is even suggested as one of the good girl tennis rackets in the market.

Also, the Parallel Drilling integrated with the Blade 98L gives users the ability to generate more power in their swings. This allowed Wilson to distribute the weight evenly throughout the racquet. However, the head size is only 98 inches which might be quite difficult to hit for a beginner.

If you are going to compare with the 18×20 frame, the Blade 98L may not be as accurate however; it still gives users the directional accuracy that he or she wants.


Easy to maneuver Lightweight design Parallel drilling for power


Small head size

Prince Textreme Tour 100T (2015)

Fast and spin-friendly design, these are the things that made the Prince Textreme Tour 100T a popular option for its users. It also weighs under 11 oz which makes it an ideal racket for those who play tennis for hours at a time. Though it is light, it has strong materials that give you the stability that you need.

Another important part of the Prince Textreme Tour 100T design is the low flex point (62 RA) making it a good option for those who want to lessen the impact on their arms. And since it has an arm-friendly design, you won’t have to worry that it gives so much stress on your arms especially when making power shots.

The Prince Textreme Tour 100T measures 27 inches in length which means that you can reach longer. However, the head size is at 100 square inches making it a bit difficult for someone new to the sport to hit the right spot.


Spin-friendly design Lightweight design Arm-friendly Decent length


Small head-size for beginners

Wilson Blade 98S CV (Countervail) 18×16 Tennis Racquet Strung with Custom Racket String Colors

Are you the type of tennis player who is very concerned about the aesthetics of your tennis racquet? It’s common for female players are looking for pink tennis racquets. In reality, it is hard to find a pink tennis raquet. If you want a pink tennis racquet that has good features, then the Wilson Blade 98S CV is a good candidate for such.

Wilson Blade 98S allows custom racket string colors including pink. But don’t let this pink tennis racket fool you. This option provides good spin and power. And also, you have a frame that can help prevent your arms from getting injured since it can absorb the vibration upon impact with the ball. This design also has a dense string pattern which means a better grip on the ball once it comes in contact with the racquet.

Unfortunately, the head size is only 98 square inches which makes it difficult for beginners. However, what made this racquet stand out is the parallel drilling technology that increases the sweet spot helping beginners learn how to play properly.


Increases the sweet spot Different color options Dampens vibration


Small head size for a beginner

Buying Guide

Every tennis enthusiast should know how to select a tennis racket fit for his skills and needs. Apart from being obsessed with the best cheap tennis racket, you also need to evaluate other factors that come into play. In reality, it can be overwhelming to pick the best tennis racket brand if you are only looking at the price tag.

There are a lot of things that you should consider if you choose to invest in tennis rackets for beginners. One misconception is that there is a generic beginner tennis racket for all novice players. On the contrary, you need to be very picky. For instance, there is a different tennis racket for girls and guys.

Unfortunately, you’d be surprised by the number of tennis enthusiasts confused on how to choose a tennis racket. If you are looking for a simplified approach on how to buy a tennis racquet beginner, then this is the guide that can help you get started.

To give you a good idea of how to choose a tennis racquet for beginners, here are some things that you can use to have the best bang for your buck.


For obvious reasons, you need to have a budget. A starter tennis racquet may not always be cheap. Just like any tennis gear for beginners, there are a lot of factors that can dictate the price of these items. Material, the reputation of the company, and the marketing are just some of the things that can affect the price of an adult tennis racket. At times, it is hard to find the best tennis racket under 100.

The good news is that there are starter tennis racket for beginner that cost around $30 to $70. But keep in mind that if you intend to find the best cheap tennis racket, the price isn’t the only thing you will have to consider.

One thing that a lot of people ask when looking for the best tennis racquet under 100 is if they should simply stick to the cheapest option? In reality, you are most likely going to get what you pay for. Good beginner tennis racquet products are most likely priced high for a reason. And that’s because the company put in resources in its research and development.


The material is another consideration before you even start buying tennis racquets for beginners. If you will look at the best tennis racquet brand options, you will notice that they use graphite while the cheaper ones will most likely use titanium. Between the two, the titanium material is lighter.

For a beginner, you might be thinking that it is all there is with beginner tennis rackets. In reality, weight also plays a role in how your tennis racquet is going to generate power. Though you can play longer with titanium adult tennis rackets, keep in mind that you won’t be able to generate as much power to drive the ball fast enough to be missed by your opponent.

Body type of the user

Another important consideration is the body type of the user. The racket for a 200-pound adult man is quite different from a 110-pound woman. Because of this, there’s the popularity of women’s tennis racket options meant especially to their frame. Womens tennis racquet usually weighs significantly less than your typical adult tennis racquet.

By design, the best women’s tennis racquet weighs a lot less than the typical male adult tennis racquets. A girl tennis racquet fit for a teenage girl is usually made of lightweight material. The primary focus of the best women’s tennis racket is to let the female athlete learn the proper form and generate strength from the ground up while playing tennis. Tennis racquet for girls makes it easier for them to swing for hours and not get frustrated by the trajectory of the tennis ball they just hit.

But of course, the womens tennis racket doesn’t always have to be lightweight. For instance, if you will look at Serena William’s racket, you won’t expect it to be lightweight at all. It only means that the body type and the user’s muscle composition can play a role when it comes to selecting the right tennis racquet.

Head Size

The tennis racquet head size will most likely dictate a beginner’s ability to hit the ball. Usually, the best tennis racquet for beginner to intermediate is the one with larger head sizes. Unlike the pros that pick tennis racquets that have around 80 to around 105 square inches of head size, it is ideal for a beginners tennis racquet to start with 110 to 135 square inches of head size. This makes it easier to hit the middle of the racquet allowing the user to get the ball across the other side of the tennis court.

So what are the typical options when getting a good tennis racket?

Midsize (80 to 94 sq inches) Mid plus (95 to 105 sq inches) Oversize (110 to 115 sq inches) Super Oversize (116 to 135 sq inches)

It is common to start with the biggest and then transition to smaller head sizes as you learn how to swing. This is why beginner tennis racquet recommendations typically have two head sizes. The biggest is the ideal tennis racket for beginners and it becomes smaller as you develop the skill to hit the ball on the right spot of the racket.

Flexibility of the frame

If you are going to read tennis racquet reviews for beginners, you might encounter frame stiffness as an important discussion. To give you an idea of how this can affect your game, the stiffer the tennis racquet, the less power can be lost as you hit the ball. It means that it gives you the ability to hit hard on the ball when needed. On the other hand, a tennis racquet that bends a bit can absorb the impact thus giving you better control over your swings where you want to get the ball.

Given this logic, it is common to see a stiff beginner tennis racket. Since beginners are still struggling to hit the ball, it means that they don’t need to strike the ball hard to get it to the other court. However, for intermediate players, they’d most likely prefer to have tennis racquets that bend.

Grip size

When buying tennis equipment for beginners, especially a racket, you have to think about your grips. The forearms are typically the ones that will get tired fast. Regardless if you are looking for the best tennis racquet for teenage girl or the best tennis racquet for beginner adults, you will need to anticipate that they don’t have strong grips yet. This is why grip size matters. You want something that isn’t too small or too big. When it comes to choosing good beginner tennis rackets, you want to also take a closer look at the size of their hands.

If the user has small hands, you might want to go for the 0-2 Euro Size. For medium-sized hands, you can pick a tennis racket with 3 to 4 Euro size. And lastly, for larger guys, the best tennis racquet for beginner is ideally around 5-6 Euro size.


Now, you will also have to check the length of the racquet. When it comes to the right length for a tennis racquet for beginners, you will have to keep in mind the pros and cons if you are going to have a longer or a shorter racquet. The longer versions give you more coverage since it allows you to reach longer. However, this can also affect your swing. It means that you will need to swing harder to be able to use the racquet properly.

Tennis racquets are available from 26.5 to 29 inches. However, the best racquet for beginners is still the standard length version at 27 inches.


And lastly, you need to check how the weight is distributed throughout the tennis racquet. There are two popular designs when it comes to how the tennis racquet’s weight is distributed. You have racquets that are heavier on its head and lighter on the handle. On the other hand, you also have tennis racquets that are heavier on the handle and lighter on the head.

For the traditional tennis racquets, it is common that the majority of its weight is concentrated on the handle. On the other hand, the lightweight versions, typically the girl tennis racket options are heavier on the head.

However, nowadays, there are also those versions wherein the weight is evenly distributed across the entirety of the tennis racquet.


Buying a tennis racket for a beginner can be difficult given the different body type, budget, and preference that athletes have. You need to check and compare at least three options first before you even decide to pick one.  Remember that there is no perfect tennis racquet. You will have to simply accept the fact that there are pros and cons even to the tennis racquet considered by pros as the best in the market.

What you want is to learn as much as possible from the tennis racket as a beginner. You want to be able to improve your strength when it comes to hitting the ball, plus, you also want to work on your accuracy.

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