12 Best Tennis Shoes for Kids 2020 Review

Tennis is a rewarding sport for both adults and kids. Buy pacing around the court, swinging the racket now and then, it provides healthy exercise. It’s therefore important to let your kid into the game at an early age. But for the young player to excel in the sport, he must have the best tennis shoes for kids.

Choosing the right pair of sneakers supports the swift motion, comfortable fit, and extra grip on the ground. The following shoes provide the right foundation, and comfort for your child to learn the sport.

Best Tennis Shoes for Kids Review

ASICS Kids’ Gel-Solution Speed 3 Gs Skate Shoe

One of the key requirements in tennis shoes for kids is stability. The game requires your child to move back and forth. Hence these shoes provide rubber sole with improved gripping ability. So the child can move in any direction without slipping. That makes the ASICS Kids’ sneakers good kids’ stability running shoes

The material is 100% synthetic and features flexion fit upper. It’s the use of the polyurethane material that makes the upper part highly flexible. Thus it slips easily to the foot and contours to the foot’s shape. Once you have slipped your feet in them, it gives you a reliable lacing closure system.

And when the training intensifies, you won’t have to worry, thanks to the breathable upper. Your feet will neither sweat profusely nor become uncomfortable. That gives you more time to concentrate on a game.

The toe region is a high impact zone. Thus, these kids’ tennis shoes, has the Pguard toe protector. As a result, it can resist the high impact and still maintain its durability. You can fasten its lacing without feeling any discomfort. That’s because it has a highly padded tongue and heel region.

Kids like striking colors. Fortunately, these sneakers feature three attractive colors; aqua splash, white, and diva blue. So your 4 to 8years old kids will quickly love their colors.


Employs reliable lacing closure It has a highly flexible polyurethane upper It has good grip provided by the rubber sole Provides of and comfortable feeling to the feet


Its sizing runs slightly small, thus choosing your fit offers some challenge

K-Swiss Bigshot Light 2.5 Tennis Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid)

Has your foot felt excessively hot during training? K-Swiss understands the discomfort that your foot feels in an airtight environment. So it gives you highly breathable tennis sneakers. The numerous perforations on the upper make your feet cool throughout.

Besides, its design incorporates three striking colors; white, blue star, and bachelor button. Therefore it presents the captivation appearance.  Whereas the shoe’s upper features a completely synthetic material the outer sole boasts a flexible rubber material. Such a combination makes it very flexible.

To cover a wide range of ages, K-Swiss designs the shoes for two age groups. For the children aged 4 to 8 years, the small kid size fits them. Otherwise slightly older children age 8 to 12 years have the big kid size.

For a comfortable practice, the k-Swiss trainer’s kids’ shoes are light and have flexible outsole. Since stability is of vital importance, the rubberized sole employs numerous grooves. Your grip on both dry and wet court is sure. To topple it off, it has the Y-beam mid-foot support structure.

Ever felt the annoying dragging foot-dragging? Say no to such a problem with K-Swiss. It safeguards against that by incorporating drag guard technology. Furthermore, the tongue and collar have extra padding. So overall, it’s one of the best kids’ tennis shoes.


Perforated to keep the feet cool Padded, soft and comfortable Features the flexible outsole with improved grip ability Fits both small and big kids


The top ring eyelet is missing in many orders

Adidas Originals Juniors Stan Smith Sneaker

Are you looking for the right junior girls’ tennis shoes? This Adidas Juniors Stan Smith Sneaker offers hope. Talk of the most durable kid’s tennis shoes and these Adidas originals qualify. Do you know why? The upper features 100% leather material.

Since they exist in both bold pink and white colors, they make the best choice for junior girls’ tennis shoes. Their shouting appearance easily blends with many outfits for an outstanding image. Notice that the lace, tongue, and upper are all white. You can make a statement with these shoes.

In addition to featuring complete leather, the sneakers boast stitched upper. So you won’t worry about the shoes tearing apart after a few days. A smelly fit is a disgrace to any girl. But these best tennis shoes for girls attract no such shame.

The upper is high perforated and thus breathable. Moreover, it has an OrthoLite moisture-wicking liner. So it discourages the accumulation of sweats that could otherwise smell. At the same time, the lining and the inner sole feels soft and comfortable. Consequently, it won’t scratch and cause discomfort to the delicate feminine skin.

Its gripper rubber sole doesn’t take chances with your stability. Though it looks simple, the lasing system offers reliable closure. It will maintain its tension even at the heat of the game.


Features complete rubber upper Perforated and thus stays cool Sturdily stitched leather Dazzling colors Comfortable to wear


Although sturdy it lacks a toe guard

Saucony Kids’ Flash a/C 2.0

Have you ever felt the irritating need to adjust your shoe fitness now and then? It’s highly distracting especially when the game heightens. But with Saucony Kids’ Flash a/C 2.0 shoes, you don’t have to suffer such embarrassment.

These boys’ court shoes feature a double closure system. It combines the reliability of laces to the easy to strap on and off Velcro system. For a lad aged 8 to 12 years, that’s very convenient.

Tennis sport forces sweat out of your body. To discourage harboring smelly shoes, the shoes employ anti-microbial lining. Thus it thwarts the activity of smell causing bacteria as well as absorbing sweat. Also, the shoes’ upper features mesh material. Subsequently, air enters and leaves out of the shoes easily.

After frequent training, you’ll realize that most shoes begin to tear at the toe region. To discourage that, these boys’ tennis sneakers employ an Apma certified toe cap. To further enhance its durability, it has a leather upper. Thus it promises longer life at the court.

Its outsole has non-marking traction pods. So as you step on the ground you won’t but rather maintain your stance. Regardless of your feet structure, these youth sneakers with Velcro provide a fit.

Are you color-sensitive? You won’t miss your pick out of the 5 different colors provided by these popular boys’ tennis shoes.


Leather upper Double closure system Features antimicrobial lining that discourages bacteria’s activity The right size feels very comfortable


Glued midsole which may give way

New Balance Kid’s 860 V10 Running Shoe

Do you know what makes this New Balance Kid’s 860 V10 one of the best kids’ tennis shoes? When you look at the toe box area, it features knitted fabric with lots of perforations.

Therefore you can play at the court for a longer period without feeling excess heat. Your feet can breathe and stay cool. At the same time that makes the upper very flexible.

It gives you a rubber outsole. That adds lightweight and good gripping power without compromising durability. Also, the sole features an upturned toe that aids in flexibility and good feel of the ground.

When you slip in your feet, it contours to its shape, and thus providing a snug fit. By tapping on a dual-density medial post, these new balance provides extra stability for the young players.

Whether you step on hard ground with extra energy your feet won’t feel the high impact. That’s because the snickers employ the ABZORB midsole technology. With extra foam at the heel, the shoes support you in each step you make without slipping off. That makes it one of the best stable shoes for children.

And once you have tied the shoelaces, you won’t have to make readjustment. Thanks to their reliability. Besides leading in comfort, the sneakers also present the cool look.


Contours to your feet in every way Rubber sole pumps stability and lightness to the sneakers Comfortable and cushions the feet from hard impacts Features breathable toe box Feels very light and flexible


The finishing of the heel region feels slightly discomforting to some riders

Adidas Kids’ Ultraboost 20

Using knitted toe box, this Adidas Kids’ Ultraboost 20 wraps around your feet like a sock. That’s largely because it’s seamless and stretchable. At the same time its lining feels soft thus doesn’t roughen you in any way.

With the upper featuring the mesh material, the breathability of the sneakers is sure. And every move you make in the clay court, the rubber outsole provides good traction on the field. Thus you can return a strike without losing balance.

When your toes folds, the mesh upper material allows the shoes to mold easily to the pattern set by your toes. Therefore the shoes allow for free movement and flexibility of the feet. At the same time, its rocker shape further boosts the sneakers’ flexion.

As its name suggests, the Ultraboost employs high technology at the midsole. Consequently with every step you make, the sole reacts back by giving you a boost in your motion by 20%. Hence it makes this Adidas one of the best junior athletics shoes.


Rubberized sole for extra gripping power Superior breathability High flexion Soft and comfortable lining Provides an energy boost


It feels slightly heavy to some players

Under Armour Kids’ Grade School Charged Impulse Sneaker

Are you looking for junior tennis court shoes for your grade level son? Kids at such an age are very energetic and playful. So you need a pair of sneakers that is sturdy but comfortable. Under Armour charged impulse sneakers fill that void.

Its outsole is made of flexible rubber. At the same time, it adds solid rubber at high impact zones of the shoes. That makes them extra durable for daily use on a hard tennis court. As the child paces about and makes hard impacts with the ground, he needs high cushioning. For the same reason, these sneakers use double-layer midsole.

The shoes’ upper boasts synthetic leather. Since it is artificial leather it stays true to its size without shrinking. Moreover, it has lots of perforations. The holes not only make it breathable but also contribute to the overall flexibility of the shoes. As a result, the shoes allow the natural movement of your feet.

The mesh features an embedded sock liner. Therefore the interior feels ultra-comfortable and soft. By combining rubber sole and mesh upper, the Under Armour shoes achieve lightweight.


It features extra reinforcement at impact zone areas of the sole Lightweight sneakers Mesh upper allows for breathability The sock liner makes the interior soft and skin-friendly The double midsole cushions the feet from hard impacts


It suffers an adequate arch support

Nike Girls’ Revolution 4 (PSV)

Nike a famous shoe brand this time displays its prowess in designing the minimal but sleek shoes for kids. Lacing gives kids a hard time. Consequently, if you want the pair of sneakers that your child can put on effortlessly then the Nike Girls’ Revolution 4 (PSV) makes a good choice.

The no lace shoes for kids employ hook and loop closure system. Your child can thus put in on and off quickly on her own. Using an upturned toe and mid camber sole profile, these shoes provide complete support for every part of your feet, including the arch area.

Since many shoes are prone to tearing off at the tip, this footwear uses an upturned toe. That provides extra strength and thus makes it extra durable. With the upper featuring meshed design, air flows into the shoes and thus keeps your feet from excessive sweating. Moreover, that discourages smell from developing in your feet.

Even while wearing shoes, everyone would wish to enjoy the natural feel of the feet. To fulfill that, these girls Velcro shoes for tennis use the light rubber outsole. The rubberized sole further contours to the natural shape of your feet, even at the arch. Besides it also employs deep grooves. That serves a dual purpose; increasing the traction and the flexion ability of the sole.

Owing to its lightness, natural feel of the ground, and easy to fasten design, these Nike sneakers make one of the best shoes for teenage girls. For a complete comfy feeling, its insole features Ip foam while the heel region has extra cushioning.


Contours to the sole of your feet Light in weight Features no lacing system Reinforced comfort at the heel Light and flexible rubber sole


The mesh fabric develop lint after a few months

DADAWEN Boy’s Girl’s Lightweight Breathable Sneakers

Do you know why most parents rush to buy DADAWEN Boy’s Girl’s sneakers for their toddlers? It’s majorly because of two features. It offers fashionable look and feels comfy to wear. Consequently, they form one of the best toddler tennis shoes.

Its closure system features two elastic bands plus a hook and loop strap. That makes it so easy to wear that even a toddler will manage without external assistance. Besides, it features a small loop at the collar, sliding in the shoes is thus easy.

The whole of the upper is made of a light and perforated fabric. Such a design adds to the lightweight of the shoe as well as making it cool to the feet.

Furthermore, the upper material is soft, the tongue and collar padded too. The delicate skin thus feels warm and comfortable. Even the entire interior is lined with a soft and breathable material. Therefore, despite a rigorous movement, the shoes won’t rub uncomfortable on the skin of the young player.

As for the outsole, it uses a durable rubber material. But since the rubber is light and flexible, it won’t hinder the natural movement pattern. Hence it counts as the best sneakers for toddlers.


Available in 4 different colors Presents the fashionable appearance Breathable upper Comfortable lining Allows for the free natural movement of the feet


The arch support of the feet is wanting

Stride Rite Kids Ocean Girl’s and Boy’s Machine Washable Athletic Sneaker

Are you finding it hard to get the best tennis sneakers for wide feet? Your search ends with Stride Rite Kids Ocean Girl’s and Boy’s athletic shoes. Stride rite makes footwear that targets three age groups; toddlers and big kids. What’s more, the manufacturer makes shoes that target wide feet for boys and girls.

Toddlers and even big kids usually find it hard to fasten the laces that can hold for a longer period. That’s why this kid tennis shoe features an easy to strap hook and loop closure. Such design suits even toddlers.

Its upper presents few stripes of synthetic leather with most of the area covered by mesh fabric. Furthermore, the textile has lots of perforations that let in the fresh air. Therefore at the end of the day, your feet still maintains the fresh smell. To further eliminate the bad odor, the Stride rites shoes incorporate anti-stink lining.

And when they get dirty, cleaning them isn’t difficult since they are machine wash compatible. Even the memory foam cushion on the footbed is removable for easy washing. For the color-conscious group, the manufacturer avails the sneakers in four different colors. That includes grey, blue light blue, and purple.

To pump in gripping ability, the outsole features grooves and protruding grip materials. As a result the pair of tennis shoes thus becomes safe for even toddles top use.


Features reinforced upturned to Accommodates wide feet structure Very breathable Machine washable Child-friendly hook and loop closure system


Tongue folds uncomfortably

New Balance Kids’ 680V5 Hook and Loop

New Balance isn’t new in the shoe niche. Thus it taps from its skills and experiences and pumps them in the design of New Balance Kids’ 680V5 Hook and Loop shoes. Whether you are looking for running shoes for infants, little kids, or big kids, the manufacturer caters to your interest.

A quick look at the shoes upper reveals that most areas feature a mesh. The woven fabric packs lots of holes to let in air to the sneakers. As a result, your feet maintain a cool temperature. Also, it allows the free flow of air in and out of the shoes. So, even sweaty kids won’t register foul smelly feet.

A hard knock that impacts the feet during play isn’t comforting. But this youth tennis shoes counter such a problem. Since the heel experiences the hardest impacts, its design uses ABZORB technology. Thus when you experience a hard hit on the ground, the spongy heel absorbs cushions your heel from the impact. Besides, it displaces the energy and thus prevents any discomfort.

Its closure system features the hook and loop type. So even if you are in a hurry to tie or remove the shoes, it won’t cost you much time. To reinforce the tension of the shoes, an elastic band backs up the Velcro strap system

Its synthetic sole blends with the IMEVA midsole to feel comfortable even to the delicate skin. Although the upper mostly feature mesh fabric, strands of leather boost its strength. Since the toe and the heel region suffer most, these shoes reinforce those regions.


Uses the simple to fasten and unfasten hook and loop system Breathable upper Uses the ABZORB technology to cushion against hard impacts Good traction synthetic sole Features comfortable insole


Lining discolors socks

PUMA Kids’ Cabana Racer Velcro

Are you looking for lightweight, comfortable, and coolest kid’s shoes? Then don’t overlook the PUMA Kids’ Cabana Racer Velcro. Designed by a reputable brand PUMA, combines fabric and synthetic material to achieve lightweight sneakers

Does your toddler’s foot assume a narrow structure? Then this is the shoes to go for. Even the extremely choosy parent will find her favorite color. That’s because Cabana racer exists in over 20 colors.

Using a rubber sole with numerous grooves, PUMA achieves improved traction. At the same time, the combination of fabric on the upper and rubber materials pumps flexibility to the top teen shoes. Thus your toddler can walk, run, and pace around without unparalleled stability. Its lightweight and flat sole make it further adorable by kids!

To make it easier to slip on and off, it uses a double hook and loop closure system. Therefore you can adjust its fitness in no time. With a soft lining at the heel; and the entire interior, Cabana Racer presents the skin-friendly texture.


It presents the striking appearance Has a lightweight Uses a rubber outsole with improved grip ability It has the soft and comfortable lining


Doesn’t have good breathability

How to Choose Good Tennis Shoes for Kids

Playing tennis involves a lot of movement; back, forth, and lateral. At the same time, it calls for several starts and stops. So do you know the features that make the best tennis shoes for kids? Before going shopping, here is what you should know:

What’s the Kid’s Playing Style?

Each playing style calls for a specific adaptation of the shoes. So it’s the kid’s playing style that should lead you to the type of tennis shoes that’s appropriate.

That means you should take your time and watch her play, discuss it with the coach, and know what suits the child. Only then will you be able to choose the best kids’ tennis shoes.

For instance, if he is a baseliner then you would need the pair of sneakers that guarantee lateral support on the sides and outsole too. Otherwise, volley and serve players require adequate arch support and reinforced toe strength.

What Type of Court Would he be Playing on Mostly?

The type of surface where the child would be playing tennis influences the kind of shoes the player requires.

Generally here are the most common types of courts:

Hard Tennis Court

It forms one of the most frequently used tennis courts by kids. Usually, the surface can either be carpeted concrete or hard rubber. Consequently, this court requires shoes that have extra heel cushioning. Durability is also a serious factor to consider.

Clay Court

Playing on a clay court is usually characterized by long slides to the sides. Besides, it calls for long baseline exchanges. Hence that requires shoes with outsoles that have exemplary grip. The child would, therefore, maintain stability during the slides. But the grooves on the outsole should make it easy to remove the clay remains.

Besides, clay court tennis shoes should also possess superior angle support. Such a feature prevents ankle injury.

Grass Court

Although not common nowadays but grass courts also exist. Playing on grass involves making powerful serves and fast volleys. As a result, your child will have to move swiftly from the baseline to the net and retreat to the grass.

To make such moves efficiently and comfortably, the kid requires tennis shoes that have flat but thick outsole. Furthermore to suit short runs and stops the outsole must also be flexible, and support good traction. Since it involves constant movement it calls for durable sneakers too.

Ideally, it’s good to have two pairs of shoes, for the soft and hard tennis court respectively. But if you are on a budget and cat afford that for the young tennis player, then settle on all courts kids’ tennis shoes. Such sneakers combine both the characteristics of soft and hard tennis court shoes.

Which is Better Velcro or Lacing System?

Tennis shoe usually features mainly two types of closures: laces and Velcro. Each has its advantages and disadvantage as explained below.


Shoes employing this type of fastening provide easy work. Fastening the shoes simply involves hook and loop. That makes it easy to wear on and off the sneakers. However, their major disadvantage is that Velcro wears out quickly

So if you have a child who hasn’t mastered how to work out the lacing system, Velcro closure forms the best pick for them.


Lacing provides eyelets through which the lace passes through. Since the eyelets usually have metal rings, this type of closure is much durable than Velcro. However, it may take time to fasten.

Never the less if your child has learned how to tie the laces ion her own, then it makes a good choice. It makes it easy to customize the comfort fit of the shoes.


With the constant movement, kids playing tennis usually sweat a lot. Accordingly, when perspirations accumulate in the airtight shoes a choking smell comes out. And when you bring in such smelly shoes and feet into the house, you won’t like it.

As a remedy, good tennis shoes for kids should have perforated upper. The holes let in air and thereby keep the feet cool and fresh.

Light in Weight

The last thing your child need is a heavy pair of tennis shoes. A heavyweight on the feet won’t allow him to move swiftly. Consequently, when shopping, dig out the information on the weight of the sneakers. Shoes with a rubber sole and mesh upper usually possess very lightweight.


The only way to make the sport enjoyable, comfortable, and safe for your child is to provide the best tennis shoes for kids. Thus take your time and learn about her playing style. After this, use the above guidelines to land a good pair of sneakers for the young lad.

The right pair of shoes offers good traction, and cushions the feet from hard impacts. Also, it must support the fit comfortable in all areas.  To make the search less challenging, we have narrowed down the choices to 12 shoes. The list includes popular brands like PUMA, Nike, Adidas, and even New Balance. You can’t go wrong now!

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