12 Best Tennis Racquets for Intermediate Players Review

The best tennis racquets for intermediate players differ from the beginner tennis racquets. It is presumed that the player using the racquet has now developed the necessary skills to hit the ball right in the center of the racquet. Unlike beginner racquets, the best tennis racquet for intermediate player offers better control rather than just power.

But choosing the right intermediate tennis racquet involves a lot of considerations. Also, you have those players who are transitioning towards becoming advanced players, probably weighing between the advanced vs intermediate racquet debate.

Finding the right intermediate racquet can be tricky. It takes time to find the right one. We decided to come up with a list of preferred intermediate racquets and evaluate each one for you. This way, you’ll know exactly what to expect in case you are looking for the right one in the market.

12 Best Tennis Racquets for Intermediate Players Review

Prince Textreme Warrior 100T

If you are going to read tennis racquet reviews for intermediate player online, it isn’t surprising that you’ll see the Prince Warrior 100T on different lists. It is one of the best options for intermediate tennis players today. Made of graphite, it offers above-average control, especially for its weight.

Once strung, it weighs less than 300 grams which is considered decent for an intermediate racket. It is also a head-light racket that is designed for those who already developed strength in their arms when playing tennis.

But is this solely for intermediate players? With a head size of 100 square inches, you can consider it as a go-between for those novice players looking to transition towards becoming an intermediate player. In fact, because of its head size, some even considers it as the best tennis racquet for beginner to intermediate.

The Prince Textreme Warrior 100T measures 27 inches which give the user enough coverage especially when they need to reach low or when they need to get to the ball far from them. When it comes to the strings, this particular racket has a mid-tension which focuses more on control.

Unfortunately, it isn’t exactly a volleying tennis racquet. Though it isn’t bad, it isn’t the best as well in this department.


Lightweight Good control Decent head size for intermediate players and beginners


Mediocre volleying tennis racket

Babolat 2018 Pure Aero

A candidate for the best Babolat racquet for intermediate player is the Babolat 2018 Pure Aero. This tennis racket is specifically designed for strong intermediate to advanced players. It is Babolat’s improved version of the AeroPro Drive. One of the important improvements on the 2018 Pure Aero is higher swing weight plus a design that adds power to the swings. And also, it has less stiffness compared to its predecessors allowing you to have control and more tolerable vibrations when hitting the ball.

It can also lessen the impact on the user given the elongated grommet holes that can help lessen the vibrations. With the FSI Spin Technology that gives wider space between strings, it gives a better punch to the ball once you swing.

The head measures 100 square inches giving enough room for the user to hit the ball. With a head light design, it offers control to the user. Unfortunately, some users believe that the racket is poorly strung. It simply keeps getting in the way when you are playing for hours. And also, you might find it difficult to control flat shots using this racket. Apart from these things, the 2018 Pure Aero is a good choice whether as a strong beginner or someone who is already transitioning towards becoming an advanced player.


Higher swing weight than the AeroPro Drive Less stiff that adds control Good for improving serving accuracy


Hard to control flat shots

Babolat-Pure Strike 100

Another candidate for best tennis racquet for intermediate players, the Babolat Pure Strike 100 can easily be your weapon of choice. The Babolat Pure Strike 100 has a head size of 100 square inches and measures 27 inches in length. It weighs slightly above the 300-gram mark which gives you a balance of both power and control. Compared to the classic Pure Strike that has a head size of 98 inches, the Pure Strike 100 comes with slightly bigger head size.

Babolat made use of the Woofer Dynamic String System that keeps the racket’s frame to interact with the string. This gives a better trampoline effect that adds power to your shots without really adding weight on the racket. Also, there are different options when it comes to its colors. Not only can you play the way you want, but you can also look good in the process.

If you like the Pure Strike 98, you might get disappointed that there is a decrease in the swing weight of the Pure Strike 100 of 314. Though it gives more maneuverability, it made it a bit different than the classic version. The changes were made for a reason. The reason is that Babolat wants to attract lower-level intermediate players.


Can add power thanks to the Woofer Dynamic String System Larger head size than the Pure Strike 98 Good for groundstrokes


Lower swing weight

HEAD Graphene Extreme MP

HEAD Graphene Extreme MP is considered by many the best tennis racket for intermediate players today for a reason. It helps generate enough spin and power that fit the needs of both the intermediate and advanced tennis players.

Weighing around 300 grams, it’s a lightweight option with a string pattern of 16×9. Measuring 27 inches, it is a reliable racket for groundstrokes.

If you have a baseline-oriented game, this can also be a good option since it offers good volleys. Service is also not a problem as the racket can generate the necessary power and accuracy.

Some users complained about the string lessening the power delivered by their shots. And also, there are times when some users mentioned the instability even when the ball hits the sweet spot of the racket. There are instances when users call it “inconsistent” in its performance.


Perfect for a baseline-oriented game Provides good accuracy and control Lightweight design Provides good reach


The strings lessened the power of the shots The racket feels unstable even if it hits the sweet spot

HEAD Graphene Touch Speed Pro

The HEAD Graphene Touch Speed Pro offers a power thanks to the 18×20 string pattern. The frame is lightweight which means that it is perfect for the modern game. Unlike other lightweight rackets, it pack a punch despite having a lightweight design. It is also perfect for those who want longevity and an injury-free session. It has vibration dampening and shock absorption technology that can lessen the impact on your forearms, especially when playing games for a long time.

However, the vibration dampening technology might also be the cause of concern for some players. Some players find the Head Graphene Touch Speed Pro to be very muted. Some even think that it has focused entirely on control that tennis players need to swing harder to get the power that they need. In the groundstrokes department, the Graphene Touch Speed Pro is a top option that players can enjoy.


Good for those who want comfort Offers great control Lightweight material


Feels muted because of the damper

Wilson Ultra 100L

The Wilson Ultra 100L is considered by many as the perfect Wilson intermediate racket. By design, the Wilson Ultra 100L is lightweight, common for intermediate rackets. However, what makes this a standout and arguably the best tennis racket for intermediate players is the fact that it hits like a heavier racket.

There are plenty of technologies implemented in this racket that can easily catch your attention. You have the Power Rib and the Crush Zone tech that mixes comfort with power well. If you are a beginner, you might want the softer string, especially it is marketed as a racket for both the beginner and intermediate players.

It measures 27 inches which means that it can help you reach the ball farther. Plus, it can give you a better groundstroke. But to give you some perspective, it doesn’t give exceptional power or the ability to spin like Rafa. However, it is still a decent option especially if you want to build on your skills. It has a more balanced quality that can allow you to do well on volleys, serves, and groundstrokes.


Good training racket Mixes both power and control 100 square inches of head size that allows bigger sweet spot


Doesn’t give exceptional power

HEAD Graphene 360 Extreme MP

Wider string spacing plus Graphene 360 spin grommets, these are things that make the HEAD Graphene 360 Extreme MP stand out. The new Graphene 360 technology provides better stability than other HEAD rackets.

The 360 Extreme MP has a 330 swing weight which means that you need to already have developed your power if you are going to use this racket. Another issue encountered by players includes a problem when hitting flatter shots. However, it gives users an easy time to hit with depth. The Head Graphene 360 Extreme MP is recommended for different playing styles. Though it isn’t the worst, it isn’t the best either when it comes to power and stability. But if you are looking for a more balanced racket, then this might do the trick.

It is more for players who love to play by the baseline. It works well for aggressive volleys. However, don’t expect it to help you with your power.


Great control Lightweight design Wide string spacing 360 spin grommet


Doesn’t deliver enough power

Babolat 2018 Pure Drive

The Babolat Pure Drive first came into the market in 1994. Over the years, it has been improved to meet the changing times. The 2018 version has a head size of 100 square inches. It also has a head-light design that offers better control. It also has a 16×9 string pattern giving it a combo of both control and power.

For the 2018 version, you have widened string spacing plus some changes in its design. It has grommet holes and an updated Cortex dampening system that offers better stability for the user. It means less intense vibrations when the ball hits the racket providing better overall comfort for the user.If you will compare the previous Pure Drive models to the 2018 version, you will notice better power and spin in the Babolat 2018 Pure Drive.

Though it is a contender for the best tennis racquet for intermediate players, it isn’t a perfect racket. Some users complained about the racket being muted.


Improved version Offers great control Comfortable to use with its cortex dampening system


The racket has a muted response for some players

Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Black Federer Autograph Tennis Racquet

If you want to play like Roger Federer, the Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Tennis Racquet is a good choice for you. With a 97 square inch head, this racket is more for advanced users. Also, it has a head-light design that gives you the control that you need. But at the same time, it has a 16×19 string pattern that compensates for the lightweight design and small head size. It measures 27 inches which give you a good reach when playing.

One of the things that users notice is that it combines both precision and power allowing the user to regain his or her balance when playing. However, if you are just a beginner transitioning towards an intermediate racquet, the swing weight for the Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 is at 330. It simply means that you will need to hit heavy if you wish to use this.

If you are someone who loves to play in the baseline, then this racket is made for you. It is also something that you can play for hours at a time. Plus, you will be able to practice your defense given the stability offered by the racquet.


Lightweight design Offers stability and control Exact racquet used by Roger Federer


Small head size You need to swing hard to get the power you need

Babolat-Pure Strike 16/19

Made of graphite, the Babolat Pure Strike is a racquet known for precision and control. Aside from being lightweight and easy to use, graphite allows the frame to bend once it comes in contact with the ball reducing the vibration. The Babolat Pure Strike has a 16×19 string pattern giving users the spin that they need. It is also something that guys who love to play in the baseline would prefer. Simply put, it is a perfect counter-attack racket.

However, if you are someone who is still transitioning from beginner to intermediate level, the head size is a bit small at 98 square inches. You might find it a bit difficult to hit the sweet spot. But despite the lightweight construction, it has a 323 swing weight that gives users the ability to generate the power they need.

There are also different technologies at play with the Babolat Pure Strike 16×19 racket. You get the Woofer Dynamic String System which gives you a trampoline effect generating better power and shock absorption as well.


Woofer Dynamic String System that helps with power Made of lightweight graphite material Perfect for baseline players


Head size is small for transitioning beginners to intermediate level

Prince Textreme Tour 95 (2015)

The Prince Textreme Tour 95 is a highly suggested racket for those intermediate players that are looking to improve their game. With a 95 square inch head size, it means that it is designed for people who care about precision. Using the Prince Textreme Tour 95, you will notice how it can maximize the spin. It also has a 16×19 string pattern which is preferred even by pros because it provides better power.

Made of graphite, expect something lightweight. It also has a head-light design which means that it prioritizes precision more than anything. Unfortunately, though, some users complained that it feels a bit muted when they are using the Prince Textreme Tour 95.

If you are going to compare the Prince Textreme Tour 95 with older generation rackets, you will notice that it swings a bit heavier. Plus, it is also a bit stiffer. These things give the Textreme Tour 95 a more modern feel. This is why it is popular among tennis players known for being aggressive servers.


Stiffer than past versions allowing more power Made of graphite making it lightweight Offers precision Popular among servers


Small head size designed for advanced to high intermediate players

HEAD Micro Gel Radical OS

The HEAD Micro Gel Radical OS is considered a good option if you want a racket that protects your forearms and your hands. It does a good job of minimizing injuries simply because of the micro gel technology incorporated in its design. Upon ball impact, micro gel technology helps distribute the impact around the frame. It helps in minimizing vibrations and lessening the tension felt in your hands.

The head size for the HEAD Micro Gel Radical OS is a bit big for an intermediate racket at 107 square inches. Given this design, it is more for those players who are still transitioning from beginner to intermediate player. Also, the length of the racket is at 27 inches giving you the coverage you need when reaching the ball.

The weight is also slightly heavier at the handle. The reason for this design is simple. HEAD Micro Gel Radical allows users to swing faster and maneuver their way easily.


Distributes the impact Good length Allows user to swing fast and maneuver easily


107 head size meant for beginners

Wilson 2018 Ultra 100 Countervail

Designed for intermediate to advanced player, the Wilson 2018 Ultra 100 Countervail offers vibration dampening capabilities plus a carbon fiber material that can decrease the overall weight of the racket. The head size measures 100 square inches which can be considered not too small or too big. Also, with a head-light design, it gives users the versatility that they need. It has a swing weight of 320. Plus, it also has a 16×19 string pattern meant for generating power and spin.

Unlike most tennis rackets today, the Wilson Ultra 100 is ultra-stiff. It has an RA rating of 72. However, if you are worried that you are going to feel the vibration in your hands, this isn’t the case with the Wilson Ultra 100. With vibration dampening technology integrated into its design, Wilson had its user’s comfort in mind when they designed this racket. The Ultra 100 performs well when it comes to groundstrokes too.

If you are a beginner transitioning towards becoming an intermediate player, you might want to look somewhere else.


Vibration dampening technology Ultra-stiff that helps in generating power 100 square inches of head size making it the right size for intermediate players Performs well on groundstrokes


Not suggested for beginners given the ultra-stiff nature of the racket

Buying Guide

If your goal is to get better in tennis, it is always a handy skill to know how to choose a tennis racquet for intermediate players. If you are going to compare the best intermediate tennis racquets to the beginners’ racquets, you will notice immediately the big difference. Beginner racquets often have larger heads. The reason is that beginners tend to have a difficult time hitting the target. On the other hand, intermediate tennis racquets have a smaller head, plus the design isn’t mainly for generating power.

If you are serious about playing tennis, choosing the right intermediate tennis racquet can be a piece of work. Here are some things that you always want to consider when selecting intermediate tennis racquets that can develop your skillset.


The first thing that you will have to consider when buying intermediate tennis rackets is the material used by the manufacturer. Most beginner rackets are made of aluminum and other metals. Nowadays, intermediate to advanced players prefer to have rackets that are made from graphite or carbon fiber.

What makes it a good option to stick with graphite or carbon fiber when choosing an intermediate tennis racket? Durability, lightweight, and stability—these are things that you can expect from modern carbon fiber and graphite intermediate tennis racket.

Faster and more versatile gameplay result in these modern materials integrated into an intermediate tennis racket.


Compared to beginner rackets, you want to prepare a higher budget if you want the best intermediate tennis racquets. To give you an idea, you want to set aside around at least $150. This way, you won’t be limited to the cheapest options in the market. Don’t even be surprised if you encounter the best intermediate tennis racquet options for more than $200.

Unlike beginner rackets, you have different technologies and great designs implemented on the best intermediate tennis rackets in the market.

Head Size

There are a lot of levels to this game. You may still be a beginner trying to figure things out transitioning towards an intermediate racquet. On the other hand, it is also possible that you are an intermediate player looking to become a professional.

Regardless, you want to consider the head size of your racquet. If you look at beginner racquets, you’ll notice that a popular design is an oversize head size since the goal is to teach beginners how to hit the middle of the racquet. As you gain the skills in tennis, expect the head size to get smaller. For the professional tennis racquets, head size usually runs from 95 square inches to 100 square inches. It’s a go-between simply because it offers both power and control.

Smaller head size means lighter racquet and better control. One common question by players trying to figure out how to choose a tennis racquet for intermediate tennis enthusiasts is: how small is small? In reality, it’s a matter of preference. It ultimately boils down to your playing style and your skill level.


A more flexible tennis racquet means better control. It’s common to encounter users that consider flexibility as a gold standard in choosing the best tennis racket for intermediate players. Though it means that the tennis racket is going to decrease your power when you hit the ball, flexible rackets can give you better control where you want the ball to land.

Flexibility can be seen not only in the frame but also in the strings. It’s common to see a tennis racquet for intermediate player to have strings that aren’t too tight. And also, it might be a better option to stick to racquets that allow users to adjust the strings.

Another reason why a good tennis racket for intermediate player has some degree of flexibility because experts believe that stiffness is also responsible for injuries in tennis. Typically, if you encounter a tennis racquet that is too stiff, you will notice that it will vibrate once you hit the ball. And for those who play tennis for long durations, this can cause tension and even injuries in their arms.

String Pattern

You should also be very particular when it comes to the string pattern of your racket. A good tennis racquet for intermediate player typically has a closed string pattern because of the control that it offers. For the open string pattern, this design is known for generating power which is a good option especially for those who are still trying to learn how to play tennis. However, open string patterns lack control.

Grip Size

Playing tennis is quite strenuous to your forearms. It’s quite common for a lot of tennis players to also suffer injuries because they don’t have the right racket with the right grip size. You don’t want a racket that has a small grip for your size. Also, you don’t want something too big which could burn your grips sooner than expected.

When it comes to selecting the grip size for a tennis racquet for intermediate player, you always want to consider your anatomy. Small-sized hands should stick to 0-2 Euro Size while medium-sized hands should go for Euro Size 3 or 4.


The next important detail that you want to pay attention to when selecting the best tennis racquets for intermediate players is the weight distribution or the balance. Some racquets have their weight concentrated on its head while others are evenly distributed throughout the racket. For those comparing intermediate vs advanced rackets, it’s common to still notice head-heavy intermediate tennis racquets but not in rackets for pros. The reason is quite simple. The more you generate strength in your arms, the less you have to rely on the racket.

This is why a lot of good intermediate tennis racquet products in the market are well balanced throughout. And also, there are those top tennis racquets for intermediate players that have the majority of the weight found at the handle.


Length is another characteristic that consumers need to check if they wish to buy the best tennis racquet for intermediate tennis players. The best tennis racquet for intermediate players should give users an easier time reaching the ball. 27 inches is usually the standard nowadays for intermediate tennis players. And on some occasions, you might even find a tennis racket for intermediate player measuring 27.5 inches.

Overall durability and dependability

An ideal tennis racket for intermediate player should also perform the same even after a few games. You don’t want to keep on adjusting the strings constantly after a few hits. What you want is to find your groove when playing the game. Plus, you want something that won’t give out on you after a few good hits to the ball.


You will also have to be honest with your skills. Are you a 4.0 player or a 3.5 player? The best tennis racquet for 4.0 player may not be the same best tennis racket for 3.5 player. A 4.0 player is someone who can make 4 to 5 shots per rally with minimal double faults. On the other hand, if you are a 3.5 player, you might still be making unforced errors. Most likely a 3.5 player is someone who is still trying to transition from beginner to intermediate player. In this case, if you are a 3.5 player, you still want to have a tennis racket that can be used both by beginners and intermediate players.


Considering the number of products deserving to be included in the list of best intermediate tennis rackets, the decision isn’t straight forward. Even after reading intermediate review, there is no generic choice for the best intermediate tennis racket.

To get the best choice, you need to make sure that you know what you want. Which of the following best describes an intermediate good? It all depends on preference. Your style, strength, injuries, and even your proficiency in tennis will all dictate your choice for the best tennis racket. There are those tennis players who describe the best table tennis racket for intermediate player as head-heavy racket while others want more control choosing the more balanced versions.

When looking for the best intermediate tennis racquets, you might want to consider at least five. Form here, you can narrow down your choice to get the best one from the group.


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