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11 Best Tennis Socks 2020 Review

A tennis game involves lots of movements in different directions. Accordingly, your feet make hard impacts with the ground. In the process, you will inevitably sweat. So how can you make it enjoyable and yet maintain the fresh-smelling feet and shoes?

All you need then is the best tennis socks. Don’t go for ordinary socks. Why? They provide little or no cushioning and choke your feet too. At the end of the game, you end up with blisters and smelly feet. But if you escape the injury, you’ll need to buy socks after every game.

Here are the top quality socks. These will withstand the demanding sport and even maintain the fresh smelling feet.

Best Tennis Socks Review

Prince Men’s Extended Size Athletic Quarter Socks

Every tennis player needs the socks that blend with the sneakers to provide a comfortable feeling. Besides, a stylish appearance further adds more taste. For those reasons, Prince Tennis socks make a viable option.

Prince designs the product in four different colors. The choices include white, black, black-white-grey, and marled grey. As a result, you can get both shouting and dull colors as per your taste.

Their composition consists of 98%polyseter and 2 percent spandex. The polyester gives it stability and quick-drying nature.

On the other hand, the inclusion of spandex gives these men’s tennis socks better fit and shape retention capacity. Besides, it also contributes to improved support and compression.

At the sole, the socks exhibit less bulky padding. Accordingly, it cushions the hard impacts prone zones of the feet. The sudden stops and starts associated with tennis playing, won’t then be unbearable.

For your feet to stay dry you need breathable sneakers and socks. Therefore, Prince employs light synthetic material and mesh zones.

As a result, it maximizes the free flow of air through the socks. Your feet thus stay cool, dry, and stink-free. That makes it one of the best men’s athletic sport’s wear.

Have you ever felt a persistent discomfort at the top of the toe? A bulky toe seam produces such pain. These prince socks employ the smooth seam at the toe box. Hence the design reduces the bulkiness that could otherwise cause blisters and abrasions.

As a quarter length pair of socks, they rise above the shoe level to cover the ankle region.


Available in diverse colors Has good shape retention ability Allows the feet to breath Features a smooth and seamless design at the toe box


It’s slightly uncomfortable at the ankle region to some players

Thorlos Unisex TX Max Cushion Tennis Crew

Are you tired of the constant slipping of the no show socks? That is usually irritating, especially in the middle of the tennis game. Thorlo tennis crew socks provide a better choice. Furthermore, its length and design allow it to blend with many types of attire.

It rises above the shoe to reach the calf muscle. Besides, it features the unique engineering that prevents it from slipping down. With the discomfort of the socks taken care of, you can concentrate on the game.

Do you know what defines these socks? It’s the thick padding and durability that charm many people. The unisex socks feature special padding at key zones. That includes heel, forefoot, sidewalls, and over the toes.

Such targeted padding maximizes your comfort and protection. Hard impacts therefore won’t discomfort your feet. Also, you can play for an extended period without developing fatigue. At the same time, an extra durable padding fiber at the toe and toebox prevents against fast wearing.

These Thorlo tennis socks fit both men and women. After a while, they’ll get dirty. But washing them won’t give you a hard time. That’s so because they are machine washable when turned inside out. If you are looking for the best white socks for men, try Thorlos Unisex TX Max.

At the toebox, it features a low profile seam. Consequently, it discourages the abrasion of the feet. When the game intensifies, sweat is produced. But you have no such problem with thorlo men and women’s tennis socks. It uses the high moisture-wicking fibers to keep the feet dry.


Doesn’t slip into the shoe Has thick padding to the sole It blends with different shoes and attire Doesn’t wear out fast


The sizes run comparatively smaller

HUSO Men’s Tennis Socks

Without the best socks for playing tennis, you soon develop blisters and smelly shoes. Huso socks have a design that makes tennis game comfortable and enjoyable. Their key benefits stem from their outstanding compression and support, especially in the arch area.

To prevent your feet or shoe from getting smell, these men’s tennis socks employ Coolmax fabric. Consequently, it wicks away sweat, keeps the feet dry, and thus minimizes bad odor. Besides, they feature mesh at the top. That allows for good breathability too.

When you wear socks, it should form to your feet’s shape and stay put. To prevent the tennis sock from slipping, it features a deep heel cup design. At the same time, it also conforms to other parts of the feet.

Considering its quarter length design, it matches with many types of shoes. Its pack of 4 or 6 makes it very economical. For the color-conscious groups, each pack gives you two distinct colors. So if you are looking for cool black tennis socks, Huso is the way to go.


Available in different colors Features quarter length style that blends with various types of shoes Superior cushion and support Tangible ankle compression and protection Seamless toe design Molds to the feet’s shape


Its breathability needs some slight improvement,

Prince Women’s Short Quarter Length Athletic Ankle Socks with Cushion for Running, Tennis, and Casual Use

The heel receives a lot of hard impacts as you pace about playing tennis. That’s why Prince Women’s tennis socks provide adequate padding at the heel. Its length, it covers the heel completely, thus providing efficient protection.

By composition, the socks comprise 96% polyester, 2% spandex, and 2% rubbers. By including spandex, the socks achieve superior shape retention and conforming to the shape of the feet. Accordingly, they qualify as one of the best women’s athletic socks.

On the other hand, the lightweight polyester blends perfectly with the mesh area. As a result, your feet can breathe naturally, stay cool, and dry. If you normally wear shoes of size 6 to 10, then these socks should fit you snugly.

A bulky seam at the toe box produces a constant discomfort. Such a design denies you the comfort of wearing socks. But Prince Women is different. It employs a smooth toe seam. Hence you can wear these without feeling any discomfort or abrasion.

Apart from playing tennis, these socks are also ideal for running, workouts, or yoga exercises at the gym.


Seamless toebox design Provides real cushioning Tangible padding at shock absorption at the sole Employs an elastic band around the ankle that prevents the socks from sliding down


Has many plastics strings poking through the socks that are difficult to remove without puncturing a hole

Adidas Women’s Cushioned Retro Crew

Do you have a taste for crew socks but can’t find a reliable pair? Then have a look at the Adidas Women’s Cushioned Retro Crew. The complete white socks with the Adidas logo present a unique picture.

It features a unique blend of 58%polyester, 38%cotton, and 4%spandex. Consequently, Adidas tennis socks provide extended arch protection for a comfortable feeling.

When it gets dirty, washing it is very easy. Tossing it in the machine wash and using cold water and non-chlorine bleach is all you need. And being that it’s 58% polyester, it dries relatively fast.

From the toe box to the front toe, it features extra compressed thread. That plays dual roles: shock absorption and discouraging fast wear. At the same time since it reaches the calf muscles, it blends with many shoes and outfits. Added to its striking color, it counts among the best women’s crew socks.

A single pack gives 3 pairs. So even though they are white you can swap between pairs and thus preserve its appeal. At the same time, its cotton composition gives it good sweat absorption.

So when you perspire in the feet, the socks wick away the liquid and prevent the feet and shoes from developing awful smell. Thus these Adidas pair counts among the socks for tennis.


Soft and comfortable feeling to the skin Good moisture-wicking ability Doesn’t shrink Features extra strength at the front toe and heel region


It isn’t ideal if you have thick calves; slight tight

Adidas Men’s Cushioned Crew Socks (3-Pair)

Are you tired of the awful smell from your feet? It’s embarrassing you know. However, just a pair of these Adidas tennis socks can solve your problem. It uses the formula of 61%polyester, 35%cotton, and 4 %spandex to get the moisture-wicking ability.

Thus when the feet sweat, the moisture-wicking yarns dry them up. Such a dry environment prevents the activity of the bacteria causing the smell. But when it gets dirty, machine-wash it in cold water.

These top-quality socks come in a pack of three. So when you wash a pair, you won’t miss their comfort and their service. The hard impact is highly uncomfortable, especially in the heel region. But with great cushioning of these socks, you won’t feel their effect.

The inclusion of the spandex gives these tennis socks admirable shape holding ability. At the same time, it provides good arch compression and snug fit. Owing to the ring-spun cotton and polyester, it provides excellent feel to the skin.


Discourages the feet from smelling Blends with many shoe types Forms to the skin without slipping down Packs good shock absorption


Feels a little bit tight and narrow

Prince Women’s Low Cut Tab Athletic Socks

To count among the best socks for tennis, two features stick out from the Prince women’s model. They exhibit exemplary padding and superior moisture-wicking ability. That makes it fit for playing tennis and athletics in general.

Most women do not have large feet. So if you have been unfortunate in landing large size socks for such feet, then these women’s tennis socks fit you. It’s available in two sizes; that is the US shoe size of 6-10 and 8-12.

Although its low cut, it rises up to shield the ankle region. Its composition includes 96%polyesyter, 2%spandex, and 2%rubber. Accordingly, the sock’s top stays up and also forms to the shape of the feet. Besides they also retain their shape in the long run.

The sole registers a hard impact during a tennis game. But with prince women’s socks, you enjoy good shock absorption and protection. It achieves that without leaving the bulky feeling in the feet.

Without good breathability, your feet and shoes are bound to smell. That’s why Prince uses lightweight polyester and a mesh zone in the socks. Consequently, it allows for proper ventilation, maintains the dry and cool feet.

At the same time, its toe box displays a smooth seam. You won’t, therefore, have blisters or abrasion on your toes. The padded tennis socks are sold in economical packs of 6 pairs.


Doesn’t fade in color even after washing Available in three different colors Makes good gym, golf or running socks Gives a seamless feel thus prevents blisters and abrasion Doesn’t show outside the shoes


Inadequate arch support


For the best tennis socks that complement different types of shoes and attire, crew types are hard to beat. Besides they aren’t like the ordinary types that slip down constantly.. By employing an elastic band, the sock’s top doesn’t slip down.

Nike sock’s design is very specific. Each is designed to fit a certain leg and thus can’t interchange left and right. Consequently, they offer an ultra-comfort fit. You can thus count on them as the best women’s crew socks.

Do you think you have extra-large feet? Nike’s footwear comes in 5 different sizes to accommodate any type of offer. That includes; small, medium, large, and extra-large. So whether you are wearing a women’s mall size of 4 to 6 or men’s large size of 12 to 15, you can get your fit.

To provide extra shock absorption, these Nike features extra padding at the heel and front toe. Moreover, they exist in different colors. That includes black, white, and carbon heather. Accordingly, it makes one of the best white socks for men. Each pack contains 3 pairs of socks. So when a pair gets dirty, you have another pair to use.


Available in 3 diverse colors Provides wide choice in sizes for both men and women Provides a supportive fit and good arch compression Heel and toe exhibit great shock absorption


Picks up lint easily

SB SOX Compression Socks (20-30mmHg) for Men & Women

Whether it’s during or after the tennis game, you need the compression socks. During the game, it ensures that the blood circulation is optimum. After the sport, it aids in quick recovery. That where these SB SOX Compression Socks come in.

The key feature in reaping the benefits of this top-quality compression socks is getting the right fit. Therefore, SB SOX offers you four different sizes to choose from. Besides they also differ in calf circumference. Thus you won’t have to bet on getting a smooth fit.

Its composition relies on durable, lightweight, and breathable fabric. Therefore, it makes them ideal for anyone putting up with long hours of standing. Its ventilated material features anti-odor property.

Similarly, it wicks away moisture from the feet. Thus it discourages the activity of bacteria that causes bad smell. It’s, therefore, no surprise that SB SOX forms one of the best socks for tennis.

Most socks claim to have compression benefits. SB SOX taps on the graduated compression technology to optimize your benefit. With a compression of 20 to 30mmHg, it offers you a smooth flow of blood.

As for the visual appeal, it doesn’t lag at all. With a total of 16 colors to choose from, you can’t miss your taste. At the same time, the top sock’s band keeps it from slipping down. Furthermore, it offers reinforced heel and toes support without compromising your mobility.


Calf friendly compression socks Available in various socks sizes and calf circumferences Provides optimized 20-30mmHg compression benefit Makes your feet feel batter at the end of the day or game; no swelling or fatigue feeling Offers a snug fit


Easily ruined by the dryer, need air drying only.

The Comfort Sock (TCS)

When you choose the right color of the socks and match it to sneakers, no show socks can almost be invisible. But although not easy to see, the quarter length socks provide great cushion and comfort. That’s what The Comfort Sock (TCS) promises you.

When you buy a pack, you get 6pairs of socks. You, therefore, won’t have a problem when you wash a pair or two. As for fitness, it brings you two size ranges; 6-12 and 12 to 16. Thus it covers a good range of the average feet of men.

These men’s white quarter socks have good cushioning at targeted places. For example, the heel extra padding that absorbs hard impacts. Besides white, they also exist in black colors.

The socks feature 88% cotton material. Accordingly, it makes it very breathable and thus providing all-day comfort. The remaining percentage is covered with polyester and spandex. That’s why it molds to your feet’s shape and do not slip down.

Without proper care, long hours of standing produces fatigue in the legs. When you wear these tennis socks, you enjoy great arch support and good circulation of blood. Hence you won’t feel any fatigue even after long hours of standing or activity.


Doesn’t shrink during washing Fits a large foot comfortably Offers ample arch support


Feels very thin and thus ideal for warm weather

Vitalsox Italy, Silver Drystat Tennis No Show Socks Fitted Pairs

Sometimes you don’t need the pair of socks that protrudes above the tennis shoes. If that’s your concern yet still seeks the benefits of sock tennis, then Vitalsox fits the bill. To further blend with various shoe colors and thus remain invisible, it’s available in 8 different colors.

During vigorous exercise and play, sweating is inevitable. Vitalsox, therefore, uses Silverstat to optimize moisture absorption. The fiber is made of polypropylene infused silver ions. Consequently, it discourages bacterial and fungal growth.

Do your feet suffer from plantar fasciitis? Then you need good arch support offered by these best short socks. From midfoot to plantar fascia, it offers you tangible support. That suits it for walking, running, and maternity use too.

By making the heel and toe top slightly added, Vitalsox reduces feet stress and abrasion. Though it doesn’t show up, it doesn’t slip down. Thanks to its deep heel cup. Right from the package the sox has been prewashed, treated, and thus chemical-free.


It finds alternative use among athletes and maternity use Provides great compression support Highly invisible Available in 8 different colors


The sizing guide doesn’t seem to be in phase with the actual socks.

How to Choose Good Tennis Socks


Have you keenly studied top-quality tennis socks? You’ll realize that they don’t feature one type of material but rather a mixture. For instance, Cotton is comfortable and moisture absorbent. However, tennis socks made of cotton alone wouldn’t be great. That’s because it absorbs and retains sweat.

On the other hand, polyester material releases moisture and thus breathable. Nonetheless, it’s relatively thin and very slippery. Besides, some synthetic materials like spandex exhibit shape retention ability. Thus they help in making socks that form and grip the feet snugly.

Accordingly, the blend of natural material and other synthetic materials makes the best tennis socks. So you will see most manufactures combining cotton, polyester, spandex or nylon


Tennis socks usually exist in different heights as named below;

No Show Socks

When you wear them, they won’t protrude above the tennis sneakers. When blended with right shoe color, it’s almost invisible. However, the greatest drawback is that they provide very minimal ankle cushioning.

Low Cut Socks

If you wish to enjoy the good padding comfort of socks without feeling excess heat, then this is the type of socks to go for. As for the length, it only rises to the mid-ankle bone. It’s thus ideal for playing tennis during a warm climate

Tab Socks

Tab socks improve on the drawbacks of the no show and low cut socks. Thus, its height reaches up to the back of the heel. It is easily distinguished by a tab of fabric at the top, which prevents it from slipping down on the shoes.

Quarter socks

These socks rise happily to cover the ankle bone. Consequently, they have a slightly longer length than the low cut type. Owing to their length, they offer significant help in preventing blistering in the heel region.

Crew Socks

In chilly weather, playing tennis while wearing crew type socks is beneficial. Since they rise about eight inches high, the socks offer good heat insulation. At the same time, their high cut length provides extra grip at the calf region.

Knee-Length Socks

As the name suggests the socks rise to just below the knee. Although previously not common, knee-high socks are making a real comeback in a tennis game.

For example, have you noticed that most compression socks are knee-length socks? The significant height adds good blood circulation and support.

Cushioning and Impact Protection

Tennis playing involves constant movement. You need good socks to cushion you against such impacts. Usually, the cushioning should be great at high impact prone zones. That includes the heel and toe tip area.

Consequently, the thicker the socks the more impact protection it provides. But, remember extremely thick socks produce a bulky and uncomfortable feeling on the shoes.

Furthermore, although the toe region needs cushioning, it’s best to go for socks that feature a non-invisible seam. That will help reduce feet stress and the possibility of

Breathability and Sweat Absorption

A non-breathable pair of socks discourages free air circulation. As more sweat is produced by the feet, breathable and absorbent socks help becomes ideal. It keeps the feet dry and cool; thus making you comfortable.

To find socks with good breathability, look for designs that feature perforated mesh zones. Other designs further backs up breathability by using light material.

Arch Support

Adequate arch support from both shoes and socks is very necessary. Ample compression on the feet’s arch reduces fatigue and strain. Consequently, you have fewer chances of developing plantar fasciitis.

Furthermore, the best socks for tennis should support every part of the feet. Any movement, slipping, or bulging in an area produces discomfort and stress.

Comfortable Feeling

All factors having been considered, the socks have to feel comfortable on your feet. The last thing you need is wearing the socks that discomfort and distracts. For instance, you may find that a pair of socks excels in all ways except it feels over tight at the calf region.


Even when you have a good pair of sneakers and misses the best tennis socks, you won’t reap comfortable moments in your game. It’s only by striking a good balance in the two that you will enjoy comfort, dry feet, and relaxed feeling.

You, therefore, have to take your time in selecting specific socks designed for tennis. That’s why we have narrowed your search to the 11 pairs above.

Whether you need quarter length, crew, or no show you won’t miss it in our selection. Even the extremely sweaty feet won’t miss a pair.

And if you are unsure of how to go about your selection, the guide highlights key features to dwell on. Why harbor fatigue, blisters, or smelly feet when we have the right tennis socks at an affordable cost?

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